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Hikvision's Door Intercom Systems

Hikvision’s new Door Intercom Series allows you to see everything that goes on within your home or business and gives you the power to control it at your fingertips! These systems can be used for more than just access control; they also feature unit-to-unit video calling to aid communication between other rooms and buildings.

Using a friendly user interface, the Indoor Systems give you the ability to survey up to sixteen 1.3MP IP cameras while monitoring your outdoor stations. From the indoor stations you can also organize alarms, broadcast information and enjoy video or audio calls.

Where to use indoor Hikvision Door Entry Systems

The Outdoor Stations come equipped with a number keypad, button or card reader and can recognise over 2000 cards. Using the 1.3MP camera, all successful swipes will be auto-captured and uploaded to FTP or iVMS-4200 client.

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These Door Intercom systems can only be powered by Hikvision’s own accessories. The Distributors come with either 8 or 16 interfaces and can supply AC 220 V to the indoor stations and villa stations. The KAW50-1 power supply is designed to power up to 4 Apartment stations and outputs 12VDC. Alternatively, Hikvision's usual 12VDC PSU can be used with all of the outdoor stations. The below diagram shows an example set up using these accessories along with some indoor and outdoor stations:

Door Entry Typical Application


Q: Can the Outdoor Stations be added be added to my existing Hikvision system?
A: Yes they can, just like adding another Hikvision camera to your system.

Q: Are the stations available in other languages?
A: Yes, please contact us and we can provide you with the appropriate firmware to change your language.

Q: Can the outoor stations work as standalone products?
A: The villa stations (the smaller stations) MUST be used with an indoor station but the apartment stations (ther larger units) can be used on their own, directly with iVMS-4200.

All of the Hikvision Intercom Systems can be controlled using Hik-Connect; a mobile app which allows you to open doors remotely, communicate with the outdoor system and receive alarm notifications wherever you are! 

Hik-Connect also works with Hikvision's NVRs, DVRs and IP cameras. Connecting the stations to your app is quick and easy using a simple QR code.

Hik-connect Apple Download  Android Hik-Connect download

If you have any questions regarding these systems then please feel free to Contact us and we'll do what we can to help!