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use-IP was founded in 2008 by Phil Stewkesbury, after almost a decade as Director of Business Development with a specialist CCTV company, supporting prestigious customer sites across the South East of England. Within a short period of time, Phil had expanded his one-man operation into the flourishing business we are today, moving us to new premises in 2011 and leading us to become the UK’s leading IP camera store.

At use-IP we recognise that security is about more than simply buying a flashy camera and equipment. It’s about feeling 100% happy that your system is set up perfectly, and is going to be working around the clock to keep your valuables and property protected. That’s why we invest our time and expertise into providing our customers with as much support as they need to get their system just right - all free of charge. For us, it’s the one-on-one approach we take with our customers that defines our business practice.

What we offer

IP cameras from use-ip.co.uk

We’re firm believers that IP CCTV technology is indeed both affordable and user-friendly, and can be effectively implemented within existing home and business IT networks to fit whatever needs you may have.

To this end, we only sell what we see as being the ‘best of brand’ products: those that offer the greatest range of features, the highest quality images, and for the best value available. We’re completely independent and don’t manufacture any of our own-brand products - we only supply those we’re happy to use ourselves!

Don’t just take our word for it - read why our customers tell us our service is consistently five-star for them. It's your voice that matters to us, and this is why we work so hard at ensuring that your experience with us is the very best it can be.

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