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  1. Milesight AC-72 Smoked Dome Cover

    Milesight AC-72 Smoked Dome Cover

    £36.00 Incl VAT Excl VAT. £30.00

    Milesight AC-72 smoked dome camera for use with the Milesight Pro Dome cameras. - UI-2A72-FIPCV - UI-5D72-FIPCV Learn More
  2. Milesight MS-K02 Network Keyboard

    Milesight MS-K02 Network Keyboard

    £354.00 Incl VAT Excl VAT. £295.00

    In Stock

    The Milesight MS-K02 network keyboard has been designed as an easy and convenient way to connect and control Milesight NVRs and PTZ cameras. This keyboard features an LCD screen on the operation panel, support to control up to 110 devices, shortcut keys for NVR and PTZ control as well as having a 4 axis variable joystick.

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