2TB SDXC Cards – Coming Soon!

Two TeraBytes on an SD card!SDXC Card

That’s incredible.

Spotted over at ZDnet as just another new gadget announcement from the CES show in Las Vegas this week.

The SD Association have announced a new SD XC format which will be capable of storing up to 2 TB (a TeraByte is 1,000 Gigabytes).

What’s more, read/write speeds of up to 300 Mbits/second are on the product roadmap.

From the SD Association website:

A 2 TB SDXC memory card can store 100 HD movies, 480 hours of HD recording or 136,000 fine-grade photos. Faster bus speeds will enable professional-level recording in compact consumer camcorders and increase the number of frames shot in a second with SDXC cameras.

Put one of these in the back of a surveillance camera and you’ve got yourself a built-in 20-day HD Digital Video Recorder!

There’s a good write-up over at the CES Show site.

We shall have to wait and see how long before any manufacturer actually releases a product that can live up to the potential in this new specification – product being; either SDXC cards with the above capability OR devices able to utilise it …

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