ACTi E Series: Box Cameras

The ACTi E Series features seven box cameras:

ACTi E22 BoxThese have varied maximum resolutions, lens types and functionality. They each use progressive scan CMOS and have true day/night functionality with mechanical IR cut filter. They feature video motion detection and are powered by PoE, allowing for easy set-up.

Please note that, unlike other cameras, the E21 and E22 have optional fixed or varifocal lens. Please ensure that you order the correct product as the different lenses do not alter the model number.

The E23 and E25 models also offer superior low light sensitivity. They are able to remain in colour mode and capture excellent video quality even in very low light.

The E24 features superior Wide Dynamic Range (WDR), allowing the capture of even greater detail.

You may wish to use the table below to help you select the right model for you:

1MP 1.3MP 2MP 3MP 5MP Fixed Varifocal Superior WDR Superior LLS
E21 (F)
E21 (V)
E22 (F)
E33 (V)


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