Axis P3343 & P3344 Network Dome Cameras

The Axis P3343 and P3344 dome cameras are part of a new range from Axis Communications.

There are twelve different new variants in this model range, so we thought we’d put together a quick post to explain the models and differences.

First the basics:

  • Axis P3343 is a range of SVGA network dome cameras (max resolution 800 X 600)
  • Axis P3344 is a range of HDTV (720P) network dome cameras (max resolution 1280 X 800)
  • All are day/night cameras with IR cut filter and H.264 video compression
  • All can be supplied via Power Over Ethernet

Then the suffixes:

  • With no suffix it is an indoor network dome camera
  • With a ‘V’ suffix it’s an indoor vandal resistant dome camera
  • With a ‘VE’ suffix it’s an outdoor vandal-resistant and weatherproof camera – ‘V for Vandal’ / ‘E for Environmental’, and includes pre-installed heater and fan.

Now the lens options:

Every model is available with two different lens options. These lenses deliver a different field of view for the P3343 to the P3344 as follows:


  • 6mm – a 2.5-6mm varifocal lens delivering a horizontal field of view of 34-72°
  • 12mm – a 3.3-12mm vari-focal lens delivering 17-54°


  • 6mm – a 2.5-6mm varifocal lens delivering a horizontal field of view of 40-87°
  • 12mm – a 3.3-12mm vari-focal lens delivering 20-70°

New features for these models include:

  • Remote focus – allows you to focus the camera over the network
  • Remote zoom – allows you to optimise the field of view to cover only what you need to see
  • Pixel counter – enables you to count the pixels in a given area, which may be helpful to ensure you are meeting any specifications or guidelines for video quality required e.g. facial recognition.

Other notable features:

  • Full frame rate video from all models in either H.264 or MJPEG compression
  • Digital PTZ within the image with preset views and guard tour feature
  • Privacy mask
  • Two-way audio
  • VMD, tamper alarm and audio detection
  • SD/SDHC memory card slot

So, the full line-up is as follows:

(click the links to see each model in detail)

Extra options include:

  • suspended ceiling mounting kit
  • ceiling drop-pole
  • pole mounting kit
  • junction box mount
  • wall-mount
  • corner wall-mount
  • input/output & audio cable

The expression ‘spoiled for choice’ springs to mind. We hope this post helps you to see the differences and select the best fit for your application.

If it raises any doubts or queries, feel free to drop by our Axis Camera Forum and share them with us.


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