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Church Puts IP CCTV to Holy Different Use

Thursday, June 23rd, 2011

A conversation in the local Co-Op between the vicar and a local resident led to IP cameras supplied by use-IP being used for a very different application than security.

As some elderly parishioners of St Peter and St Paul Church in Deddington began to find it difficult to attend the Sunday Service, the idea of a live audio stream was proposed. However, long pauses in the service (during communion, for example) revealed that both audio and video would be ideal. The brains behind the scheme, local resident David Rogers, used the church’s existing telephone line to establish a broadband connection, to which he connected a PC and IP cameras sourced from use-IP. He began with the Axis M1011 but found that the Axis M1054 was much more effective in producing the desired picture quality when viewed in full-screen. Recently, Mr Rogers has installed a second Axis M1054 facing the font at the rear of the Church to enable a second view, which is particularly useful during baptisms. A third IP camera (the Axis M1011-W) is used by the bell ringers of the church to alert them to the arrival of the bride during wedding services.


Using an application controlling Adobe Flash Live Media Encoder, the stream automatically switches on each morning and an operator can remotely adjust the volume to suit each service, whether it is solemn vows or a full choir and organ.


The project looks set to extend further into the UK, with interest from Christ Church Cathedral in Oxford, St John’s in Carterton and Buckingham Parish Church. The use of IP cameras in churches has also been noted on a more worldwide scale, following a visit from the Curate of Deddington (armed with nothing more than a laptop, an Axis M1011 and some cables) to Sweden to stream the consecration of Bishop Elect Jan-Olof Johannson from Uppsala Cathedral.


St Peter & St Paul

Back in Deddington, the success of the project is undeniable. Services are streamed frequently in the local nursing home and hospital, much to the delight of loyal church-goers, with one broadcast reaching an audience of 160. The technology has even enabled new Godparents from as far as Kuala Lumpur and New Zealand to take their vows and actively partake in baptism services from thousands of miles away.


The possibilities seem endless. Future projects planned in the Parish include a communal reading of the St James’ Bible in honour of its 400th anniversary conducted over Skype and a ‘Christianity in 15 Objects’ series planned for 2011-12.


This may be a far cry from the ‘normal’ applications of IP CCTV Cameras but the work in Deddington goes a long way to prove how dynamic the products at use-IP can be.


For more information, please visit and watch a service yourself!

Compare IP Cameras

Monday, September 21st, 2009

Compare IP Cameras

With 120+ IP cameras to choose between and so many parameters to consider it can be a little confusing to assess all the features and benefits.

May we recommend that you use the ‘Compare’ function in our webshop.

Simply select any IP camera that you would like to consider and compare, and add it to a comparison table view where all the features will be lined-up side-by-side for you to make a quick and easy comparison.

You can pick products from any category overview page:

Or from the actual product page. Simply click on the blue text link that says ‘Add to Compare’.

You can add as many cameras as you are happy to display across your screen width.

As you select each item for comparison it will be noted in the right-hand column.

When you have selected all of the products that you wish to compare then just click the blue ‘Compare Items’ button in that right column.

The controls are quite intuitive, you can easily add more products to compare, remove individual products, or ‘Clear All Items’.

If you need any extra help or information with choosing your IP cameras, software and accessories please feel free to contact us at any time.

“IP CCTV – been there, done that!”

Monday, September 21st, 2009

Axis 210 Review

That’s fantastic!

Can you spare a moment to share your experience and pass on a little of your wisdom to all of those folk following in your footsteps and currently pondering:

Peer reviews are a fantastic point of reference for anyone trying to make a buying decision.

What you have to say carries a lot more weight than anything we might say …

We have added a new and improved Product Review feature to our IP CCTV webshop.

It allows you to tick what you consider to be the Pros and Cons of a particular product.

Our new system even allows you to create new Pros & Cons if you don’t like the ones we’ve started with 🙂

The killer question is handled with a simple drop-down selection:

Would you recommend this product to a friend?

Choose: Definitely Yes, Probably, Not Sure, Unlikely, No Way.

Simple as that, only takes a moment to do, and yet it means so much to anybody reading it!

Of course, there’s also plenty of space for you to offer as much experience and feedback as you feel able to give.

So, can we please ask, that if you own, have used, or have experience with any of the products in our IP CCTV shop, could you please just spare a moment to help those who are still trying to choose?

Just go to the product page and click the link – it will either say ‘Be the first to click this link’ or ‘Add your review’ if there are already reviews for the product.

We don’t mind where you bought your product from, that’s not important, we would just be really grateful for your product feedback and any words that would help others with their choices.

Thank You.

Click the link to visit our IP CCTV Shop and let the feedback flow.

How do I find more information about IP cameras?

Monday, September 21st, 2009

IP Camera Questions

Simple – just ask!

And we will try to make it as quick and hassle-free to get answers as is technologically possible!!

We have added a Product Question feature right on the product pages in our IP CCTV webshop.

That’s right, on each and every product page you can ask questions and find answers to questions about the very product you are looking at and interested in.

We already try to include as much information as possible; we have added datasheets, photos and videos; we have a forum dedicated to IP CCTV; we continue to write IP CCTV articles in this blog …

But …

Sometimes YOU just want to get a quick answer to a simple question:

  • How do I …?
  • Do we need to …?
  • Can it …?
  • How big …?
  • How far …?
  • Is it compatible with …?
  • Etc.
  • To be honest, if we knew what the questions were, we would already have put the answers there for you 😉

Well, we now have this ‘Product Questions’ feature, right there on the product page.

If you can’t see the information you need, or if you just want to check some particular detail, just click the link near the top of the page ‘Be the first to ask about this product’ or if somebody else has already asked questions, the link will say ‘Ask a question (1)’ – the number in the brackets tells you how many questions have already been asked and answered.

Throughout most of the day you should get a pretty quick response; our system lets us know immediately you ask the question, and emails you with the answer the very instant that we publish it! 🙂

All questions and answers are published on the product page, near the bottom, just scroll down to see what others have asked.

If you have any questions, about any of our products, don’t be shy – just click the link on the product page and ask!

Right there, right away, rest assured you won’t be the only one wondering.

We will be glad you asked. Everyone who follows you will be delighted to find the answer already published there thanks to your question.

If you have big old questions about solutions, applications, or technologies please take a look in our IP CCTV Forum and feel free to start a thread there …

We are trying to help …

If we can do any more to help you choose the best IP Cameras or the best CCTV recording software and network video recorders, please just let us know – comments below – Contact Us form to the right …

Power Over Ethernet (POE) Explained by Veracity

Tuesday, December 16th, 2008

Power Over Ethernet brings some great additional benefits to the application POE experts Veracityof IP security devices such as network cameras.

Essentially, you can power the camera (or other network device) via the ethernet data cable:

  • a single cost-effective network cable to each device
  • safe low-voltage supply
  • easily extend your network
  • no need for skilled electrical installation labour
  • a single device POE mid-span extension
  • multiple devices via a POE switch
  • the ability to ‘reach’ 100m or more from your existing network
  • 802.3 POE standards allow common solutions for many devices
  • even devices that do not have POE built-in can be used with POE supplies (by use of an Active Splitter at the device end)

We take a lot of calls about the use of POE with IP CCTV and are aware that people find some of the concepts a bit tricky.

Veracity have just produced some really helpful white papers to explain power over ethernet technology and its application:

“Power Without the Struggle” – the benefits of POE technology and how to take full advantage of them …

“POE Explained” – POE concepts through to the latest 802.3at ‘POE Plus’ solutions …

Veracity’s OUTREACH & OUTSOURCE solutions enable you to extend POE beyond 100m.

These new guides from Veracity are written in plain English with helpful graphics and diagrams to aid your understanding. We recommend you take a look.

use-IP Ltd are Authorised Partners of Veracity.

You can find their range of POE products in our POE shop.