CCTV Cameras Provide Vital Evidence

CCTV evidence is vital

CCTV cameras have proved as vital to Scotland Yard detectives as forensic evidence such as DNA samples or fingerprints.

Commander Simon Foy, Scotland Yard’s head of homicide, said:

CCTV plays a huge role in helping us investigate serious crime. I hope people can understand how important it is to our success in catching people who commit murder.

Will the results of this study by the Met Police bring an end to the “Is CCTV worthwhile?” debate?

Good to see my favourite ‘CCTV Facts’ quoted again – 4.2 million cameras, people in London are filmed up to 300 times a day – I first put those on a web page about 5 years ago and frequently received calls from the media …

Read the full story about this first study into the effectiveness of surveillance cameras in helping UK Police solve crimes over at The Daily Telegraph website.

There wasn’t much doubt about the efficacy of UK CCTV in the aftermath of the London Bombings; the UK Police were able to establish so much factual information so quickly that some other european countries quickly set about changing their laws so that they could install similar systems …

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  1. John Says:

    Nice find, Phil. Good to see the focus on CCTV for investigations. If only proponents of video surveillance could focus on its use for investigations, the reputation and respect for the industry would improve. It’s this strange and unfortunate fixation of using video to prevent and catch crimes live that causes such expectation problems.

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