CCTV and IP Integration Workshop – 5th November, Earls Court

CCTV and IP integration workshop – the day before the “Next Generation CCTV” conference.

I posted on Tuesday about the upcoming conference, but nearly overlooked the workshop planned for the day before. I suspect that for some people this may prove even more useful than the conference itself.

Sessions scheduled on the agenda include:

  • Fundamentals of IP Technology
  • IP or not IP – why make the investment?
  • Jargon busting – understanding the technical complexities of IP CCTV
  • Integrating IP with existing CCTV systems
  • Navigating and overcoming technical disadvantages of IP: an honest evaluation
  • Matching the right IP solution to your business / organisation requirements
  • A step-by-step practical guide to IP/CCTV implementation
  • Q&A sessions with open audience discussion

Some good topics there, presenting a great learning opportunity for those that attend.

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