CCTV Training Courses

CCTV Training CoursesCCTV and Security training is attracting a lot of interest at the moment.

We’re in a recession, and a lot of folk are losing their jobs.

Those people are looking around for a new career, perhaps in a technology with a future …

They see upcoming major projects such as the 2012 London Olympics creating a great demand for CCTV and other security services.

They are looking to re-train and to pick up new skills, seeking courses to attend which will provide them with the new skills they seek.

Some are in the market for a career change into a new and more interesting field of work associated with developing technologies such as IP CCTV.

Common questions include:

  • Where can I attend a CCTV training course?
  • How much does it cost?
  • What previous experience or qualifications will I need?
  • What will employers expect?
  • Are there any jobs?
  • Where are vacancies advertised?
  • How can I start my own CCTV company?

We have a great deal of experience in the UK CCTV market, please feel free to Contact Us and we’ll gladly provide you with some pointers to guide you in the right direction in these difficult and changing times.

Update, due to lots of enquiries on this topic:

From personal experience we are happy to recommend Tavcom for CCTV Training.

Other possibilities include:

CCTV Training & Logistics


31 Responses to “CCTV Training Courses”

  1. jahanzeb akhtar Says:

    i am already doing job as a cctv operator and i want to join cctv training course for advance knowledge.

  2. Phil Stewkesbury Says:

    Thanks for getting in touch, I have emailed you some further information regarding CCTV Training.

  3. Angelo Says:

    please can you also email more info on ip cctv training

  4. Phil Stewkesbury Says:

    Sent today …

  5. Mohammad Hassan Says:

    hi there

    i want to do CCTV course for advance knowledge to join the security systems field.

    please send me the required information.



  6. Phil Stewkesbury Says:

    No problems Hassan, I have dropped you an email regarding CCTV training.

  7. Jesús Massó Says:

    Hi, i’m from Venezuela… I would like to have some information about CCTV… could you send me anything?!

  8. Phil Stewkesbury Says:

    Jesús, thanks for getting in touch, not sure we can offer you much support in Venezuela!? 🙂 If there’s anything in particular you want to know more about I can probably point you to a suitable website …

  9. TT Brown Says:

    I would like some cctv traing is it available

  10. Phil Stewkesbury Says:

    I would recommend Tavcom for CCTV or IPCCTV Training.
    I’ve done several courses with them over the years. They are specialists in security technology training and are very knowledgeable and professional.

  11. adetunji sheriff Says:

    i m very glad to see an helping site and i hope i will learn what is call cctv and many more of IT solution in this enveroment.

  12. ratiranjan khilar Says:

    please can you also email more info on ip cctv training

  13. Phil Stewkesbury Says:

    Hi There, email sent with further information, hope that helps …





  15. Phil Stewkesbury Says:

    Hi There,
    Check out Tavcom International, they have a training centre in Kuwait City 🙂

  16. bapi mallick Says:

    sir iam interested in cctv course

  17. Phil Stewkesbury Says:

    Hi Bapi, check out

  18. nick Says:

    There are many training centres around the UK offering high quality cctv training such as http://www, , or

    Make sure that when you do get a course for a CCTV operator it is the course you need to apply for your SIA operators licence.

  19. bapi mallick Says:

    sir my name is bapi mallick i want a free cctv coures in online

  20. bapi mallick Says:

    dear sir ,
    i want CCTV course in India

  21. Altahir Says:

    Hi Dear

    Im looking cctv course, how much it cost?

  22. john senam Says:

    how do i get the train on ip cctv installation and what advise can you give in respect of setting up my own cctv installation company.

  23. john senam Says:

    can you please provide details about where i can get quality training as a cctv installer . also it is my intention to start up a business as cctv intsaller , is there any site i can visit that will help me in my start up . thank you

  24. mohammad hassanpour Says:

    dear sir,
    I like to receive training document for CCTV.

  25. Phil Stewkesbury Says:

    Thanks for all the interest and comments regarding CCTV Training.
    I’ve edited the original Post and added a couple of CCTV Training companies at the end. I have only had personal experience of Tavcom. I have added another option and will add some more in due course.
    I hope that helps 🙂

  26. viswa Says:

    Hi, How can I start my own CCTV company? what are basic training and requriment for it?

  27. Oguzhan Erdogan Says:

    Hi there, I have already done Door Supervising training in Aberdeen but I am also looking for a CCTV training. Are there any CCTV training courses in Aberdeen. Thanks

  28. Lloyd Pinnock Says:

    I would like to know where in birmingham could I go to a cctv training / class ie cost.
    And to receive more information I also have SIA gurding liceance

  29. Phil Stewkesbury Says:

    Hi Lloyd, Sorry to say I don’t know of any CCTV Training specialists in Birmingham – maybe check Google and

  30. Phil Stewkesbury Says:

    Hi There, Unfortunately I don’t know of any CCTV training companies in Aberdeen, I can only suggest that you search on Google and maybe

  31. Phil Stewkesbury Says:

    Step 1 – find a customer who will be willing to pay for your services. You can learn so much online these days. Many people invest in training and then never go on to succeed in business as they’re unable to find enough customers.

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