DIR-685 D-Link Router with NAS could be your next NVR

The International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) opens tomorrow in Las Vegas.

It’s the annual show where all the big boys showcase their new toys.

Take a look at this early news of a new wireless N router from D-Link featured over at engadget.

This router is the ideal solution for the consumer who wants to be the first on his or her block with the ultimate ‘all-in-one’ networking device.

Says Daniel Kelley, senior director of marketing for D-Link Systems.

D-Link Xtreme N DIR-685 router

Of course, it is a state-of-the-art wireless N router, but take note of the ‘STORAGE ROUTER’ badge – it allows you to connect and share USB hard drives as if they were network attached storage (NAS).

Some network cameras, such as Mobotix, are already able to store their surveillance video to network attached storage directly (without the need for any PC or server to be running video recording software) – ideal for those who would rather not run a PC 24/7 for surveillance at their home, office, holiday home, etc.

There’s a wide selection of NAS drives available, but what makes this router option attractive is that standard USB external hard drives are a good deal cheaper than NAS drives, and this router will make a USB drive behave like an NAS drive.

The CES show opens tomorrow.

engadget have a great micro site featuring all the latest CES News – worth a visit for any Tech Geek!!

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