Greenpeace hack Kent Police helicopter surveillance video

Greenpeace used some smart technology to intercept video signals from a Kent Police helicopter and have now (2 years later) used the video clips in this promotional video.

As reported in The Times Online:

A team of Greenpeace activists hacked in to and intercepted live CCTV footage from a police helicopter during a protest at a power station, to use in a documentary released this week.

Police are investigating how the activists managed to obtain footage beamed from their helicopter to officers on the ground during an invasion of the coal-fired Kingsnorth power station near Rochester in Kent, by Greenpeace members in 2007.

The footage has come to light only this week with the release of the documentary — made free of charge by Nick Broomfield, the Bafta award-winning film-maker — which uses parts of the helicopter footage to show the activists at the top of the 200-metre power station chimney.

Tim Hewke, who co-ordinated the 2007 protest, was reluctant to reveal exactly how Greenpeace intercepted it and said: “Someone, somewhere has a piece of kit that’s used from time to time.”

There’s obviously a hole in their transmission security and Kent Police are looking into it 🙂

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