Heat Mapping with Wisenet’s PNF-9010R

We were approached by a company that make display stands for trade shows, looking for a solution that would allow them to heat map the stands and establish the most visited areas. The company expressed an interest in Samsung products.

Samsung Security is now Wisenet

First off I wanted to let the customer know that Samsung are no longer associated with IP camera solutions. In 2014 Samsung Techwin was acquired by Hanwha Group and in 2015 the name was changed to Hanwha Techwin, dropping the Samsung association.

Samsung security is now Wisenet

Whilst some products (mostly the ‘S’ range) are still branded as Wisenet Samsung, the company is making the transition to Wisenet and all ‘X‘, ‘Q‘ and ‘P‘ series cameras and any new releases, will just be Wisenet.

That being explained, the company were happy to proceed so I raised discussions with our contact at Wisenet, to understand the best solution for our customer.

The Wisenet PNF-9010R 12MP Fisheye

Wisenet PNF-9010R 12MP Fisheye Camera

The product suggested was the Wisenet PNF-9010R, a 12MP fisheye camera that is equipped with a range of smart features including people counting and heat mapping. The customer was interested and agreed to test the PNF-9010R.

Feedback from initial tests has been really positive and the customer has reported being very happy with the results gathered from this camera. They are going to update us further as they continue to test.

Other heat mapping options from Wisenet

The customer has since asked for a bullet camera that will also be able to carry out heat mapping and people counting.

I returned to our Wisenet contact and they suggested a choice of either a 2MP or 5MP bullet camera: XNO-6010R/XNO-6020R (2MP) or the XNO-8020R/XNO-8030R/XNO-8040R (5MP).

You can find all of these cameras in our webshop now and if you have any enquires about heat mapping, or your specific solution, then please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Tara Brown

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