The New Hikvision G0 (EasyIP 2.0 plus) Family

While looking through the new 2018 Hikvision catalogue I came across a new range of cameras that we hadn’t yet heard about.  The G0 Family (on Hikvision’s website these are called EasyIP 2.0 Plus). This range uses a new format of product code that is different from any of the old families and from the current G1 (EasyIP 3.0) family.

What do the Hikvision G0 product codes tell us?

An example of a G0 product code is DS-2CD2143G0-1. This shows us that it is a 4MP dome camera and that it’s series code is “3” (The old R6 series code was “2” – DS-2CD2142FWD-I and the G1 series code is “5” – DS-2CD2155FWD-I).

As you can see on the table below, all previous cameras have ended “FWD” for example, G0 is a new format altogether.

A run down of what each character means in the Hikvision product codes.

What type of cameras are in the Hikvision G0 Family?

These cameras seem to be a mix of the R6 family of cameras and the new G1 family of cameras. The G0 family consist of 2MP and 4MP cameras just like the R6 family. However, the features such as H.265+ seem to be exactly the same as the G1 family (These are 3MP, 5MP and 8MP).

In the Hikvision catalogue the G0 family is named as an “Economic Series” while the G1 family is “Professional Series” even though I can’t see any notable differences other than resolution between the two.

Will we be stocking the Hikvision G0 Family?

At the moment we plan to stick with the Hikvision families we already stock. We feel that introducing a new family which is so similar to the current family may cause confusion, especially since the two are supposedly aimed at different markets even though the specification is the same. The price point between Hikvision families is already minimal and it seems unnecessary to broaden an already wide offering!

We will keep you posted if things change. 🙂

Keoni Granger

Keoni  Granger

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