IFSEC – one to watch – a-vigil-on

I already promote and sell their products – so I guess that I am biased?

I first met Avigilon’s UK Rep (Robin Hughes) and had a full demo of their product range about nine months ago. The performance of their cameras wowed me at that time, and I have been a champion of their products ever since.

At IFSEC this year I had my first opportunity to meet the guys over from HQ in Canada. I spent some time with them getting up-to-speed and looking forward to future capabilities (can’t say too much about those just yet, but I’ll let you know as soon as I can).

For now, I just want to reiterate what great products these are, and I can now say from first-hand experience that there’s a great team behind them.

They have a collective background in medical and forensic imaging, and they have worked hard (and relatively quickly) to get the science right!

They understand the importance of light, lenses, colour rendition & image resolution. They have developed a lossless recording solution which means that when you need to review video evidence you can see all of the goodness that the camera was able to capture.

It is plain to see that they share a collective passion in achieving great images.

They have already delivered camera products ranging from 1 to 16 Megapixels!

They can already demonstrate picking faces from crowds in playback. There has been a lot of interest from many authorities and agencies.

I am certain that we’ll be seeing many more good things from the team at Avigilon,

Watch this space!


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