Megapixel Security Cameras – more detail leads to arrests

Read this story over at Info 4 Security telling how two CCTV systems in the USA that had been recently upgraded to Megapixel IP cameras delivered results that they simply could not deliver previously with traditional analogue CCTV.

One was a restaurant, the other was a jeweller – we’re not exactly talking large systems, but it is interesting to note that in the States system owners and installers already ‘get it’ – they are ahead of the UK in terms of their acceptance of IP camera solutions.

In the UK, the big system owners get it; Heathrow Terminal 5 has IP CCTV, so does St Pancras station.

We would like to think that this website is in the vanguard of helping all UK businesses and CCTV system owners get it!

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If your installer or supplier offers you an IP camera with a 540TVL resolution – they don’t get it, that’s not how that jeweller and restaurant got results, that is same old, same old, with a different plug on it!!

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