Milestone Add-on products

Milestone have developed a range of add-on software products for users to increase functionality and create a complete surveillance solution. As the title suggests these add-on products are to be installed alongside existing Milestone VMS products and cannot be used as standalone products.

See below table containing add-on products available from Milestone:

Screen Recorder

Ideal for use by industries who handle critical data including; retail and banking as users are able to view their captured screen recordings from either POS systems or a computer to verify transactions and keep an eye on any fraudulent activities.

Screen recorder is easily installed; users simply need to download the software from here. It is worth noting that screen recorder will take up one of your XProtect device licenses. For example say your system has 20 screens and 5 cameras you will need a total of 25 device licenses for the version of XProtect you have.


XProtect Access enables users to integrate their access control system with their XProtect video management software to control both video and access systems from one centralised interface. This is particularly useful for applications where there is a high amount of foot traffic coming and going through one area. As operators are able to manage the video and access control from one interface. This can be done via their desk or on the go with the Milestone mobile app.

This add-on works with all the Milestone XProtect VMS products. Users will need both the Access Base License to unlock all the add-on’s functions alongside the Door License to enable a single physical door.


LPR stands for License Plate Recognition; this add-on reads vehicles license plates and then links this information with video. There are many benefits to License Plate Recognition software including:
– Preventing loses
– Managing parking
– Regulating access
– Gathering evidence

Therefore making this software ideal for a wide range of applications including; petrol stations, border control, tolls and access control (in car parks).

To have the full LPR system up and running you require a Base License, Country Modules (which unlocks full LPR capability) added the this you’ll need a Camera License per camera stream. The base license includes 5 country modules.


Another Milestone add-on is XProtect Retail, designed for transaction analysis. Helping retailers to optimise store operations and increase their profit by detecting fraud.

Key Features of Retail are as follows:
– Ability to discover fraud patterns
– View transaction data along with corresponding video
– Link video sequences with receipt and transaction data

As well as this the software has advanced search options, full video documentation and a set of pre-defined performance indicators to allow retailers to easily protect their business and customers.

All you need to get this up and running is your XProtect VMS together with a Retail Connection License and Retail Server License.


Finally we have XProtect Transact which video enables transactions. Essentially this add-on extract data from whichever system is being used and then pairs this with the video from the time of transaction.

Reasons for video enabling transactions are as follows:
– Ability to investigate possible fraud
– Addressing product shrinkage
– You can document shipments and track parcels

Additionally as Transact is a fully integrated part of XProtect Smart Client making monitoring and controlling your system much simpler as you can do it all through one interface. Not only this but the Smart Client creates a much more efficient workflow.

To enable the full functions of XProtect Transact users need both the Base Server and Connection License. The base server comes with 1 connection license included.

If you would like to know any more about any of the XProtect add-on product please feel free to contact us or alternatively the Milestone website has many useful resources.

Gilly Marshall

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