Mobotix Q24 Network Camera

Mobotix Q24

The Mobotix Q24 is their latest 3 megapixel hemispheric network camera.

It supercedes the popular Mobotix Q22. The ‘4’ is a new designation from Mobotix and represents their new faster processing engine, we will in due course see this appear in other models in the range e.g. Mobotix ‘D’ series dome cameras and the original ‘M’ series cameras.

The hemispheric operating principles are quite difficult to understand from a cold start and we are often quizzed about just what the Mobotix Q24 can actually do.

The classic application is to ceiling-mount this camera in the centre of a room and gain the ability to monitor and record everything that occurs anywhere in the room, with electronic pan/tilt/zoom capability to zoom into any area of interest (either in Live mode or in recorded footage) to see more detail. But, you can also wall-mount the Q24 and view a 180° wide field-of-view in front of the camera OR set the camera to deliver views of three preset selected sections of the overall scene covered.

Those good people at specialist Mobotix trainers The IP Academy have just released a new video introducing the Q24 and explaining a few of these features, it does a far better job than my words above seem to …

Mobotix Q24 explanation video from The IP Academy

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