Axis IP Cameras – 15 Years of Development

April 15th, 2011

Axis IP cameras have been leading the market for the past 15 years!

I can remember the Axis 2100 well.

Great to see that even after 15 years Axis aren’t slowing down at all, with recently announced new models that will have their competitors working hard to keep up! More on those new models to follow in the coming days and weeks, checkout the video below for a brief overview of their product history.

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Review of CCTV Regulations

April 14th, 2010

The interim CCTV Regulator, Andrew Rennison, has been appointed to carry out a review of the use and regulation of CCTV in the UK. In the 5 minute video clip below he does a good job of explaining both the role, the requirement for it, the process to be undertaken, and the timescale.

Andrew Rennison’s role forms a part of the National CCTV Oversight Body, which in turn forms a part of the UK’s National CCTV Strategy, and reports to the Policing Minister, David Hanson.

Some useful links:

CCTV in Schools

November 6th, 2009

CCTV in schools is often a cause of controversy and debate.

Apparently a UK school CCTV system inadvertently recorded footage of school children getting changed, which prompted this new statement from the Information Commissioner’s Office today:

6 November 2009

CCTV in schools

Jonathan Bamford, Assistant Information Commissioner, said:

“CCTV should only be used for a pressing need. It is perfectly reasonable for a school to use CCTV to help secure its premises, but it shouldn’t be left switched on capturing images of school children changing during the day. When a school is staffed and children are on the premises, cameras will not generally be required for security purposes. Organisations that do capture images using CCTV are required by law to adhere to the Principles of the Data Protection Act. Guidance for organisations using CCTV is available from”

Now I am sure that all statements from the ICO are carefully considered and worded so that there can be no ambiguity of meaning, but I’m not entirely sure that they meant what they seem to be saying in that middle sentence:

When a school is staffed and children are on the premises, cameras will not generally be required for security purposes.

Switch the CCTV off during the normal school day???

Comments below please …

PS – check the website of the newspaper local to the school – the Manchester Evening News – lots of comments from concerned parents …

IP Video – TV Everywhere

September 28th, 2009

IP cameras are just one of a number of technologies moving rapidly towards the all-connected world of IP networks.

Check out this article on the BBC Technology website about expected IP TV developments:

We are seeing an amazing move of video to IP (internet) networks.

By 2013 90% of all IP traffic will be video; 60% of all video will be consumed by consumers over IP networks.

Malachy Moynihan, Cisco’s vice-president of video product strategy


It’s about unlocking a whole raft of new capabilities and services. Think of TV as an opportunity to give consumers a gateway to infinite choice.

Eric Huggers, director of the BBC’s Future Media and Technology

Compare IP Cameras

September 21st, 2009

Compare IP Cameras

With 120+ IP cameras to choose between and so many parameters to consider it can be a little confusing to assess all the features and benefits.

May we recommend that you use the ‘Compare’ function in our webshop.

Simply select any IP camera that you would like to consider and compare, and add it to a comparison table view where all the features will be lined-up side-by-side for you to make a quick and easy comparison.

You can pick products from any category overview page:

Or from the actual product page. Simply click on the blue text link that says ‘Add to Compare’.

You can add as many cameras as you are happy to display across your screen width.

As you select each item for comparison it will be noted in the right-hand column.

When you have selected all of the products that you wish to compare then just click the blue ‘Compare Items’ button in that right column.

The controls are quite intuitive, you can easily add more products to compare, remove individual products, or ‘Clear All Items’.

If you need any extra help or information with choosing your IP cameras, software and accessories please feel free to contact us at any time.