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Product Photos

More IP CCTV product photos added:

We continuously try to improve the information in our website.

We try hard to provide you with all the information that you might need to help you choose the best products for your particular requirement.

It is not always easy to get a true idea of size and scale from the manufacturer’s ‘magazine shots’, and maybe you’d just like to see a bit more detail of the connections, or the buttons …

Sometimes it is just good to be able to see a bit more detail before you decide to buy.

To this end we are working through many of the products that we offer in our webshop and adding more product photos.

The ‘unboxing’ series is a typical example of an effort to show you exactly what you can expect (click the thumbnail image above for an example).

We also try to include at least one shot with some well known item to give you a true perspective of size & scale; we’ve tried coins and rulers, but the BIC pen is my current favourite 🙂

We hope it helps YOU?

If you have any other ideas of ways in which we could improve the website or do more to help you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch or leave a comment below.


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