Sanyo HD 4000 Four Megapixel Full HD CCTV Camera promo site

Sanyo VCC-HD4000 4 Megapixels Full HD Network CameraSanyo have launched a new 4MP HD CCTV camera – their model VCC-HD4000.

They’ve built a rockin’ promo website to launch this new IP CCTV camera (switch your speakers on!).

It’s got a great specification, including:

  • 4 megapixel camera
  • built-in 10X optical zoom lens with auto-focus
  • 16X digital zoom in addition to the optical zoom
  • Day/Night capability with IR cut-filter
  • Dual stream H.264 and JPEG
  • POE (Power Over Ethernet) ready
  • SD memory card slot for video storage at the camera
  • USB port for direct attached USB HDD
  • HDMI port

Sanyo VCC-HD 4000 IP CCTV Camera now available to buy online from our webshop.

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15 Responses to “Sanyo HD 4000 Four Megapixel Full HD CCTV Camera promo site”

  1. John Says:

    Phil, Is this a 4MP camera or a 2MP camera using a 4MP image sensor?

    See original press release:

  2. Phil Stewkesbury Says:

    Hello John, Sanyo seem to be using a 4MP chip but are limiting the H.264 output to 2MP (1920 X 1080, 30 fps). In ‘Super Fine’ JPEG mode it can deliver 2288 X 1712 images but at only 3fps. We’ll upload the product data and six page datasheet to our webshop soon. Interesting information at this website about how Sanyo have been able to develop this range of cameras quickly using technology from their Xacti camcorder range – they also try to make some interesting analogies between surveillance cameras and cameras used in the automotive sector –

  3. Steve Lefkowitz Says:

    Is there any field information on the low light sensitivity spec. ??

    They claim 2 Lux color & 0.1 Lux B&W, but show no frame rate ??? Is this at 25/30 frames ??

  4. Joe Anderon Says:

    Can anyone come up with a simple snapshot of video quality of this cam at max resolution? All these megapixel cams but not a single demo image or clip…

  5. Phil Stewkesbury Says:

    Hello Joe, Thanks for your input.

    We have uploaded HD CCTV Video clips of quite a few of the ACTi cameras, and you can see those here –

    We’ll see if we can put something up for this Sanyo HD 4000 camera.

  6. Bryan Says:

    I am about to embark on a selfbuild, although I will be employing the trades. I will not be on site 80% of the time, and want to be able to record comings and goings. I plan to mount an IP camera with a view of the site, and use this to record images and enable monitoring over the net. Also it will be rewarding to piece together a time lapse from the images.

    I had come to the conclusion a Motobix M22 or M12 would meet my requirements, rather liked their included software, and prices seem keen.

    Having seen this Sanyo, I am now thinking a megapixal with a 10x optical and housing with manual PTZ will enable even closer monitoring.

    How do the images of the Motobix and Sanyo compare, considering what I want to do, what would you recomend?

    If I used the Sanyo I would need a IP65 rated housing, potentially with an IP controlled PTZ mount, any first choices? If I did use a pysical PTZ for timelapse is there any control software that can take the camera back to a default posistion, and again at what cost?

    Any and all thoughts welcomed.

  7. Phil Stewkesbury Says:

    Bryan, as per our telephone coversation, the Mobotix M12 is probably the best camera for your requirement. Check out the live demo Mobotix M12 camera at their Romanian website –

  8. Erik Arckens Says:

    This camera is not available in europe yet, but I have a few customers willing to have this camera installed. Some questions:
    1. Does PoE “ready” mean that I actually will be able to power this camera over ethernet?
    2. BNC output is NTSC, but can I connect the HDMI to a HD TV set with PAL standard?
    3. What software would be needed other then the free supplied imageprocessing software included when recording the images to a NAS server?

    Thank you for your help

  9. Erik Arckens Says:

    oeps, good to read that NAS recording is not a given as I was about to give a tender for the camera plus NAS. Please let me know as soon as you know if the NAS recording is available for free or whether paying software is needed.

  10. Phil Stewkesbury Says:

    Hello Erik, Sanyo have confirmed that if you use their VMS software then (using the PC software) you can set the storage as a NAS box i.e. just set the NAS box drive letter as the drive to be used.
    This means that you would need to buy a pro version of Sanyo’s VMS software (VA-SW50 or VA-SW60). We are also discussing the possibility of a more cost-effective 4-camera version of the Sanyo VMS software.
    I have asked for further clarification just to be sure that the camera cannot write directly to NAS without a PC and VMS.

  11. Erik Arckens Says:

    Thank you! “We are also discussing the possibility of a more cost-effective 4-camera version of the Sanyo VMS software.” …..indeed, having a single or double camera configuration unable to write directly to a NAS server without expensive software is not an appealing solution.

    I am currently reviewing with some large customers the pro and con of this camera versus a Mobotix solution, and if the software purchase is a requirement then the balance is in favour of Mobotix.

    I am looking forward to the results of your inquieries.
    Erik Arckens

  12. Lee Says:

    Can I get live video at resolution 640×360(H.264) (to reduce network bandwith) and get a picture at 1280×720 simultaneously? Thanks

  13. Phil Stewkesbury Says:

    Hi Lee,
    You can certainly set a high resolution to record locally (e.g. to the local HDD mounted to the camera in the caddy or to the camera’s SD card) and then view a video stream set to use less bandwidth via the network. You can in fact record the full 4MP image locally and stream H.264 for monitoring. Is that what you meant?

  14. Sassy Says:

    Does this camera have the IR Cut-filter Capability? How about the illumination?

  15. Phil Stewkesbury Says:

    Hi Sassy, yes, this is a true day/night camera with a built-in IR cut filter, but no built-in illumination.

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