Sanyo HD4000 Camera goes Wild!

In the latest episode of BBC1’s ‘Wildest Dreams’ series to find a new wildlife film maker they made extensive use of Sanyo’s VCC-HD4000 IP camera.

Four teams each took it in turns to climb down a cliff face and mount the camera to view and record rare Bald Ibis birds on the cliff ledges.

The Sanyo network cameras were fitted with wide-angle lens adapters and set up to record to an SD card; the captured footage was then examined when the cameras were retrieved the next day.

The first challenge is to capture images of the rare southern bald ibis at their roosting site on the ledges of a 60-foot gorge. With a sheer drop to a torrent of white water below them, the wildlife rookies will have to abseil down crumbling cliff ledges and rig state-of-the-art remote cameras to see them. Who will have the nerve, strength and skill to come back with the goods?

The cameras, with their four megapixel sensors and auto-focus performed well and captured good clear images of the birds.

You know what they say – “If it’s good enough for the BBC …

The next 5 purchasers of Sanyo’s VCC-HD4000 from our webshop will each get a free Kingston SDHC 16GB Flash Memory Card.

Sanyo’s official testing has only approved a 2GB or 4GB SD card so far, we’d like to encourage a bit of end-user testing and feedback. 🙂

One free card per customer, not per camera.

The programme is available to watch via BBC’s iPlayer for the next month.


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