Security Management Today (SMT) Magazine now online only

SMT – Security Management Today – Magazine will no longer be available in print.

It’s disappointing to learn this, as it was a stand-out different magazine in the security sector. Most security magazines are aimed at the installers, SMT (as the name suggests) was aimed at Security Managers. I know that many of the Security Managers that I have worked with were on the circulation list and found it a useful source of information.

Its strapline was:

The UK’s No1 for security managers

The magazine now has its own online pages at SMT Online, but I’m not sure that they’re distinct enough from the other information presented at that portal, and in my humble opinion I cannot see security managers visiting those pages in the same way that they liked to turn the paper pages.

Of course, if you are a Security Manager and you want to stay informed of all the latest developments in the field  of IP cameras, then why not subscribe to this blog or to our email newsletter?

Update 12th January 2009 – this page is attracting a lot of visitors:

If you’ve missed your SMT magazine and found this web page, please feel free to leave your thoughts in a comment below.

Update 20th January – people are now phoning us for SMT magazine’s contact and advertising details – if you click on the magazine image above you will be re-directed to their new web portal.

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7 Responses to “Security Management Today (SMT) Magazine now online only”

  1. Anthony Hildebrand Says:

    Well, as the editor of I certainly hope security managers will decide to follow SMT online!
    The magazine’s well-respected editor, Brian Sims, is still providing content of the same high calibre his readers have come to expect, and we’re hoping to include additional innovative features that will keep us ahead of the security pack.
    I’d encourage anyone to come by and have a look, and feedback is always welcome. Brian will also be establishing his own blog at some point. In the meantime, my slightly silly blog over at picks out some of our daily highlights.
    All the best

    Anthony Hildebrand

  2. susan venables Says:

    Is it still possible to submit news releases for consideration, if so what is the process.
    Many thanks, Susan Venables

  3. Phil Stewkesbury Says:

    Hello Susan, it’s probably best to email your News to

  4. Steve Morris Says:

    While travelling or just taking a moment away from the telephone and computer I enjoyed reading the printed version. I cant see myself sitting in front of a screen to read whats happening in my industry

  5. Phil Stewkesbury Says:

    Hello Steve, I think a lot of people feel the same, and we still get a lot of visitors to this site looking for their magazine … I guess that recessionary forces in magazine publishing just meant that specialist magazine was no longer viable?

  6. Steve Cross Says:

    I appreciate the point on recessionary constraints. A printed magazine was also a good source of information for team Supervisors & our General Managers to browse through.

    With an online subscription, will the access only be available to the subscriber, if so, what’s the thought on reproduction/print off’s for other team members? I’d guess this may infringe on copyright?



  7. Phil Stewkesbury Says:

    Hi Steve, it’s not a subscription based model, Security Management Today is now available as an open-to-anyone web portal, just click that link. It’s interesting that you should comment today, as they have just stopped printed publication of the sister magazine Security Installer this month as well. I guess it’s a macro example of publishing and printing generally?

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