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ACTi KCM-5311 MegaPixel IP Box Camera Captures

Thursday, August 4th, 2011

The ACTi KCM-5311 which we blogged about last week boasts 35x optical zoom and MegaPixel resolution, but even more impressive than these features on paper are the short captures, which ACTi have posted on their website, of the new model in action:


Unfortunately for us, the ACTi KCM-5311 IP Box Camera will not be available in the UK until mid-August, but be sure to keep an eye on our blog and product pages for availability.

New: ACTi KCM IP Cameras

Wednesday, July 27th, 2011

Take a look at ACTi’s 2011 Catalogue and it’s difficult not to notice the new ACTi KCM range, the latest additions to the range of ACTi IP Cameras available from use-IP.

The range includes both 2-Megapixel and 4-Megapixel Box Cameras and Fixed Dome Cameras, all available in full HD 1080p.

ACTi KCM-5211



The specification for the KCM cameras is impressive, with the KCM-5211 achieving 18x optical zoom with auto-focus in 4-Megapixel resolution; a market first!




Also, unlike other day/night cameras the KCM range cameras come with ACTi’s unique adaptive profile algorithm, which allows the dynamic alteration of the cameras’ parameters according to the current conditions, ensuring the best possible video quality.

ACTi KCM-7111



Clarity is key with the KCM range. With regard to image quality, ACTi are market-leaders, with the KCM-7111 and KCM-5111 offering 1561 TV lines.




For more information and full product specifications, please see the use-IP product pages.

Or, view the entire ACTi KCM series here.

Box Cameras


Fixed Dome Cameras