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ACTi servers – full range of ACTi CCTV video servers added

Monday, September 8th, 2008

CCTV system owners might be interested to learn that we’ve added the full range of currently available ACTi servers and decoders:

ACTi ACD-2100 – single channel server

ACTi SED-2120 – single channel video server

ACTi SED-2140 – single channel video server

ACTi SED-2320Q – four channel server

ACTi ACD-2200 – four channel server

ACTi SED-2610 – eight channel server

ACTi ACD-3100 – single channel video decoder

If you already have CCTV cameras (the traditional analogue type with a BNC co-axial connection on the back), and you want to connect them to your IP Network, then these are the devices you need.

ACTi NVR Enterprise recording software is still free for use with up to 16 cameras, and would be the ideal choice if you wanted to connect your cameras to your Local Area Network (LAN) then view and record them on your PC.

The Video Decoder device allows you to take video back off of your network and re-display it on a CCTV monitor. This can be a neat solution for carrying a video signal across a large site or campus which is already network cabled. I have even known a user to use a network encoder then decoder to carry TV signals across a site via network cables.