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IP Time and Attendance system from Spain

Saturday, May 17th, 2008

It was really interesting to wander the halls at IFSEC this year with a new hat on; for years I had viewed the show from the viewpoint of somebody only interested in traditional analogue CCTV solutions. This year I had a new brief – all things IP!Biometric fingerprint reader

I was keen to see what other peripheral devices could be simply added to a company’s network.

This Time & Attendance system from Singular-Tech of Barcelona caught my eye.

It certainly looks good.

The ‘clocking-in’ stations (CST Terminals) have been designed for them by SPEC and have a very pleasing look.

You simply add the CST Terminals to your LAN at appropriate locations.

They have Biometric (fingerprint), proximity (RFID tokens) and magnetic swipe card reader versions.

You can then add additional discrete readers as and where required.GUI graphs

The software Graphical User Interface looks very contemporary.

It can run on either a server (server 2003) or a Windows XP or Vista PC (network connected, 200MB HDD space, 512MB RAM). The software installs as a web server and runs a SQL database engine.

You can start very simply with a single unit, but can scale the system to 100s of users, 100s of readers, 10s of administrators.

They also have a software integration kit that allows you to share the data with other systems.

You can learn more at their website at

They’re not represented in the UK yet, but if you’re interested I might be ……. especially as we’ll definitely need to visit Barcelona to check it out properly!!!