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Review of CCTV Regulations

Wednesday, April 14th, 2010

The interim CCTV Regulator, Andrew Rennison, has been appointed to carry out a review of the use and regulation of CCTV in the UK. In the 5 minute video clip below he does a good job of explaining both the role, the requirement for it, the process to be undertaken, and the timescale.

Andrew Rennison’s role forms a part of the National CCTV Oversight Body, which in turn forms a part of the UK’s National CCTV Strategy, and reports to the Policing Minister, David Hanson.

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CCTV Cameras Provide Vital Evidence

Saturday, January 3rd, 2009

CCTV evidence is vital

CCTV cameras have proved as vital to Scotland Yard detectives as forensic evidence such as DNA samples or fingerprints.

Commander Simon Foy, Scotland Yard’s head of homicide, said:

CCTV plays a huge role in helping us investigate serious crime. I hope people can understand how important it is to our success in catching people who commit murder.

Will the results of this study by the Met Police bring an end to the “Is CCTV worthwhile?” debate?

Good to see my favourite ‘CCTV Facts’ quoted again – 4.2 million cameras, people in London are filmed up to 300 times a day – I first put those on a web page about 5 years ago and frequently received calls from the media …

Read the full story about this first study into the effectiveness of surveillance cameras in helping UK Police solve crimes over at The Daily Telegraph website.

There wasn’t much doubt about the efficacy of UK CCTV in the aftermath of the London Bombings; the UK Police were able to establish so much factual information so quickly that some other european countries quickly set about changing their laws so that they could install similar systems …

Shop CCTV poor

Thursday, December 11th, 2008

From the BBC website.

Vital evidence is being lost and criminals are getting away because CCTV systems in shops are not being looked after properly, according to police.

The Police say:

I would urge all owners or managers of businesses with CCTV cameras installed to take the time to make sure that their system is fit for purpose.

Helicopter Gunship Attacks Corner Shop!!!

Thursday, July 17th, 2008

Right, now I’ve got your attention:

I see a lot of CCTV systems, can anybody tell me why so many cameras show so much of the sky??

Are they really expecting the above headline?

Did the system owner really ask the installer to monitor the sky?

The challenge for CCTV cameras is to capture useful evidence; as the size of the scene increases, the size of people within that scene decreases, and the usefulness of their images decreases too (bear in mind that Home Office guidelines for CCTV images to be admissible for ‘recognition of a known individual’ require us to capture their image at 50% of screen height).

So why waste valuable field of view on the sky?

To make matters even worse, the sky is often bright – to cope with the brightness of the sky the camera & lens combination will close the lens iris – this then results in what is on the ground being put completely into dim shade, and becoming a virtually useless image.

Tilt the camera down a bit.

Use a vari-focal lens and zoom-in a little; take the sky out of the scene, and fill the field of view with a useful scene.

For goodness sake – think about the image; less is more; just cover an agreed scene and deliver useful images!