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New Sanyo HD IP Cameras

Friday, December 11th, 2009

Sanyo set_720x720

Sanyo IP cameras have been available for a couple of years now, and before that Sanyo have a long heritage as a manufacturer of professional CCTV cameras.

Sanyo won the “CCTV Product of the Year 2009” award with their VCC-HD4000P four megapixel, 10 x optical zoom, IP camera.

They have now set the standard for leading-edge megapixel IP cameras with a complete new range of HD models.

The full new model range includes three models in a traditional body camera style, three vandal-resistant dome models, a 10 x zoom fixed camera and two pan tilt zoom models.

Six of these new models are now available in our webshop:

  • Sanyo VCC-HD2100P – a body-style colour camera; 4MP Full HD Video
  • Sanyo VCC-HD2300P – a body-style true day/night (colour/monochrome switching) camera
  • Sanyo VCC-HD2500P – as per the 2300 with additional features such as quad streaming, SDHC card slot, two-way audio and more
  • Sanyo VDC-HD3100P – a vandal-resistant dome style colour camera; 4MP Full HD Video
  • Sanyo VDC-HD3300P – a vandal-resistant dome style true day/night camera
  • Sanyo VDC-HD3500P – as per the 3300 with additional features such as quad streaming, SDHC card slot, two-way audio and more

All have built-in Power Over Ethernet and H.264 compression.

Follow the links to see more information, product photos, datasheets, etc.

These new models are attractively priced for such high-resolution cameras and are already proving very popular.

Checkout our Sanyo IP Camera forum for further details about this exciting range.

The remaining three models in this new range are due to launch in December and January, rest assured we will let you know.

1080p HD Video coming to YouTube

Friday, November 13th, 2009

From next week YouTube will offer 1080p high definition video playback:   

(Watch this in full screen to see the full hairy resolution potential!)

Axis Q1755 Review at PC Pro

Friday, August 14th, 2009

Axis Q1755

The Axis Q1755 HD TV Network Camera received a glowing review in a recent test by PC Pro magazine:

If you want surveillance functions such as clear facial identification or the ability to read car number plates at a distance then the Q1755 is the IP camera of choice. It’s pricey, but its image quality is superb and the range of monitoring and recording features won’t be beaten.


After installing the camera to monitor a nearby car park and associated access roads, we can safely say the Q1755 delivers the best image quality we’ve ever seen. Focus is sharp, colour balance is very good and detail at maximum optical zoom is impressive. On full zoom, car number plates could be clearly read at 60 yards and, dependent on weather conditions, could generally be made out at more than 120 yards away.


IP camera technology has recently come on in leaps and bounds, but Axis’ new Q1755 takes this to a higher plane.

Read their full review here.

For further details see our webshop – Axis Q1755 Network Camera

CCTV Product of the Year 2009

Tuesday, May 19th, 2009

The Sanyo VCC-HD4000P was awarded the top prize of CCTV Product of the Year at IFSEC 2009 – click the image for further information about this 4 megapixel CCTV camera …


VCC-HD4000P Full High Definition (1920x1080p) Network Camera

The SANYO VCC-HDN4000P is a full High Definition (HD) network camera equipped with the world’s first 4 million pixel lens which has been matched with a 4 million pixel progressive scan sensor to deliver incredibly sharp, crystal clear images.

A built-in 10 x optical zoom makes the VCC-HDN4000P an ideal solution for banking and retail environments or indeed an application where there is a requirement for close up detail of any activity.

The VCC-HDN4000P further capitalizes on advances in technology by the dual streaming of H.264 and JPEG, enabling simultaneous high definition recording and real time H.264 live monitoring across a network. An HDMI output allows the full quality of the camera’s images to be observed on an HD monitor, whilst there is an option to display the video onto an analogue monitor at a remarkable 680 TV lines.

On-board recording is via the camera’s SD/SDHC memory card or via USB onto an external hard drive. Other key features include motion detection, privacy masking, automatic transmission/email of images upon alarm and Power over Ethernet support, whilst a 16 x digital zoom provides the VCC-HDN4000P with a combined 160 x zoom capability.

2TB SDXC Cards – Coming Soon!

Friday, January 9th, 2009

Two TeraBytes on an SD card!SDXC Card

That’s incredible.

Spotted over at ZDnet as just another new gadget announcement from the CES show in Las Vegas this week.

The SD Association have announced a new SD XC format which will be capable of storing up to 2 TB (a TeraByte is 1,000 Gigabytes).

What’s more, read/write speeds of up to 300 Mbits/second are on the product roadmap.

From the SD Association website:

A 2 TB SDXC memory card can store 100 HD movies, 480 hours of HD recording or 136,000 fine-grade photos. Faster bus speeds will enable professional-level recording in compact consumer camcorders and increase the number of frames shot in a second with SDXC cameras.

Put one of these in the back of a surveillance camera and you’ve got yourself a built-in 20-day HD Digital Video Recorder!

There’s a good write-up over at the CES Show site.

We shall have to wait and see how long before any manufacturer actually releases a product that can live up to the potential in this new specification – product being; either SDXC cards with the above capability OR devices able to utilise it …