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Axis Q1755 Review at PC Pro

Friday, August 14th, 2009

Axis Q1755

The Axis Q1755 HD TV Network Camera received a glowing review in a recent test by PC Pro magazine:

If you want surveillance functions such as clear facial identification or the ability to read car number plates at a distance then the Q1755 is the IP camera of choice. It’s pricey, but its image quality is superb and the range of monitoring and recording features won’t be beaten.


After installing the camera to monitor a nearby car park and associated access roads, we can safely say the Q1755 delivers the best image quality we’ve ever seen. Focus is sharp, colour balance is very good and detail at maximum optical zoom is impressive. On full zoom, car number plates could be clearly read at 60 yards and, dependent on weather conditions, could generally be made out at more than 120 yards away.


IP camera technology has recently come on in leaps and bounds, but Axis’ new Q1755 takes this to a higher plane.

Read their full review here.

For further details see our webshop – Axis Q1755 Network Camera

Hard Disc Drive Storage for CCTV Surveillance

Saturday, January 10th, 2009

veracity logo

Veracity mentioned this article on their website in an email I received recently; it’s a good write-up on the use of hard disc drives in modern CCTV video storage. The article isn’t new but it provides a lot of useful information and we think it’s worth pointing it out to you:

The most obvious current trend in video surveillance is the slow evolution from analogue cameras to IP cameras. Industry vendors of recording systems appear to be divided into two camps : the sceptics, who are wondering when the IP video revolution is really going to take hold, and the informed, who know it is already here and are just getting on with it.

Although the IP video segment of the UK market is currently only around 15%, it is growing rapidly. In Europe, where analogue CCTV cameras are not so entrenched, the growth rate is even steeper.

One of the things that has held back IP video systems up to now is the lack of any real reason for users to switch, even for new installs. What would they have gained, bar a little increased flexibility ? Now, in 2007, the story is quite different : most well-designed IP cameras are progressive scan, at long last leaving behind the problematic interlaced image legacy of the broadcast TV standard. Further, and more importantly, mega-pixel cameras (with resolutions way beyond HD TV) are now here and affordable. At long last, mega-pixel cameras provide the compelling reason to switch to IP-based systems. The improvement in image quality offered by high-quality mega-pixel cameras in nothing short of dramatic, even breathtaking. Another problem which has held back adoption of IP cameras is the vast amount of legacy co-axial cabling installed in existing systems. However, several vendors are now offering Ethernet over-coax solutions, so this is no longer a barrier at all.

Well worth a read, to aid your understanding of the use of big HDDs, RAID storage and potentially high disk failure rates.

Sanyo HD 4000 Four Megapixel Full HD CCTV Camera promo site

Tuesday, December 23rd, 2008

Sanyo VCC-HD4000 4 Megapixels Full HD Network CameraSanyo have launched a new 4MP HD CCTV camera – their model VCC-HD4000.

They’ve built a rockin’ promo website to launch this new IP CCTV camera (switch your speakers on!).

It’s got a great specification, including:

  • 4 megapixel camera
  • built-in 10X optical zoom lens with auto-focus
  • 16X digital zoom in addition to the optical zoom
  • Day/Night capability with IR cut-filter
  • Dual stream H.264 and JPEG
  • POE (Power Over Ethernet) ready
  • SD memory card slot for video storage at the camera
  • USB port for direct attached USB HDD
  • HDMI port

Sanyo VCC-HD 4000 IP CCTV Camera now available to buy online from our webshop.

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IP CCTV still just 5% of the CCTV Market?

Friday, December 19th, 2008

Once again this week somebody quoted this statistic:

Of course IP is only 5% of the CCTV Market.

Can that really be so?

If you take a look at our IP CCTV Facts page you’ll see that it’s being adopted by some fairly serious end-users, and used in some fairly big system applications.

You have to wonder whether stats such as these, once created, simply get trotted-out ad infinitum:

  • 4million CCTV cameras in the UK
  • one camera for every 14 people
  • you’ll be caught on CCTV 300 times a day

These numbers have been quoted for about the past five years now!

Who is counting?


ACTi NVR Software Upgrade

Thursday, December 18th, 2008

ACTi NVR Professional free NVR softwareACTi have recently upgraded their free NVR software application.

The NVR 2.2 is the first FREE 64-channel management software supporting MJPEG, MPEG4 and the most efficient compression standard – H.264.

NVR 2.2 supports ACTi’s full product range of IP cameras and video servers; Box, Bullet, Fixed Dome, PTZ and Speed Domes. All resolutions from VGA up to Megapixel are supported.

Additionally, users can select real-time live view monitoring, recording and playback with simultaneous 64-channel window display. With the enhancement of overall control management, NVR 2.2 empowers users a smooth and fast operating speed while processing multiple tasks at the same time.

ACTi is the only IP camera manufacturer offering FREE “server-client” software with streaming engine. Our complete unified solution includes a full line of hardware devices and management software that enables customers to easily enjoy anytime/anywhere video monitoring without any extra licensing costs or maintenance fees.

Other key feature enhancements along with the formal release of NVR 2.2 are highlighted as the followings.

· Auto Upgrade

· Supports New OS

· Supports ACTi New Products

· Enhanced Playback Speed Control

· Event ID Supported

· AccessKey to Maintain Image Aspect Ratio

· Export Video in AVI format or JPEG Files

· Enhanced Digital Zoom Operation

NB ACTi’s NVR software is currently only compatible with their own brand of network cameras and servers.