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iPhone CCTV App from Icode

Monday, August 17th, 2009

iCatcher Go

iCatcher Go is a new CCTV App for the iPhone from Icode, the makers of the popular iCatcher Console CCTV software.

iCatcher Go allows you to connect directly to your IP cameras from your iPhone, or to access your iCatcher Console CCTV software.

It’s available now from the Apple iPhone Apps Store for just 59p. Yes, you did read that correctly – 99 cents / or 59p!!

Searching Apple’s App Store online is a bit of a nightmare, so we recommend that you start up iTunes on your PC/Mac, then click on iTunes Store in the left column, then at the top right search for ‘icatcher go’.

Users can stream high speed iPeg from their iCatcher Console machines or high quality MJPEG, from a wide range of IP Cameras.

IP camera support includes Axis, Mobotix, Panasonic and Y-Cam IP cameras.

iCatcher Go allows high speed remote viewing of CCTV and web cameras from your iPhone or iPod Touch. iCatcher Go can either connect to your iCatcher CCTV software or directly to your IP cameras.

iCatcher Go utilises Icode’s high speed, low bandwidth streaming protocol ‘ipeg’. Mobile views of your iCatcher Console have never been faster. You can stream high speed ipeg from iCatcher Console or high quality MPEG/JPEG from a wide range of IP cameras.

If you’d like to trial Icode’s iCatcher Console software, follow this link to download a free 21-day iCatcher Console trial.

Free iPhone App for Home CCTV from Yoics

Monday, January 5th, 2009

This free iPhone App from Yoics allows you to access a webcam from your Free iPhone CCTV AppiPhone and use it to keep an eye on things at home (office or wherever).

Currently only available for the iPhone, and only for use with a single webcam camera but it might be just what you are looking for, and you don’t get better value than free!!

Surveillance webcam app for iPhone

ACTi NVR Software Upgrade

Thursday, December 18th, 2008

ACTi NVR Professional free NVR softwareACTi have recently upgraded their free NVR software application.

The NVR 2.2 is the first FREE 64-channel management software supporting MJPEG, MPEG4 and the most efficient compression standard – H.264.

NVR 2.2 supports ACTi’s full product range of IP cameras and video servers; Box, Bullet, Fixed Dome, PTZ and Speed Domes. All resolutions from VGA up to Megapixel are supported.

Additionally, users can select real-time live view monitoring, recording and playback with simultaneous 64-channel window display. With the enhancement of overall control management, NVR 2.2 empowers users a smooth and fast operating speed while processing multiple tasks at the same time.

ACTi is the only IP camera manufacturer offering FREE “server-client” software with streaming engine. Our complete unified solution includes a full line of hardware devices and management software that enables customers to easily enjoy anytime/anywhere video monitoring without any extra licensing costs or maintenance fees.

Other key feature enhancements along with the formal release of NVR 2.2 are highlighted as the followings.

· Auto Upgrade

· Supports New OS

· Supports ACTi New Products

· Enhanced Playback Speed Control

· Event ID Supported

· AccessKey to Maintain Image Aspect Ratio

· Export Video in AVI format or JPEG Files

· Enhanced Digital Zoom Operation

NB ACTi’s NVR software is currently only compatible with their own brand of network cameras and servers.

Axis Cameras price rise in December

Thursday, November 27th, 2008

Axis cameras are expected to go up in price from 1st December – by more than the drop in VAT!

We wish we could have given you more notice but have only just heard ourselves.

Contact us now for best pre price rise offers on all Axis network cameras, servers and software

ACTi Network Cameras and Software Added

Monday, August 4th, 2008

We’ve just added ACTi’s megapixel dome camera (ACM-7411) and bullet camera (ACM-1231) into our webshop.

They’re offering FREE recording software (NVR Enterprise) for use with up to 16 cameras – if you’re looking for a new IP camera system for a home or small business requirement this could be a real deal-maker!!!

Please click the hyperlinks above to visit the product pages on our website. There’s a datasheet for each product which you can download from the datasheet link on each product page.

If you have any queries on the ACTi products, or perhaps Application Queries about how to use these or any other IP Video products, then please drop by our IP CCTV Forum and add your questions there, don’t be shy, it’s free to ask and we won’t bite ……