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CCTV clip – train hits lorry, hits man …

Friday, March 6th, 2009

Amazing CCTV clip found over at the Telegraph website:

In the dramatic footage, a train slammed into a flatbed lorry as it was crossing train tracks in the Mediterranean port city of Mersin on Feb 25.

Propelled sideways, the lorry then swept over Cem Tokac, who was standing beside the tracks.

But while the footage, released on Wednesday by Dogan news agency, showed Mr Tokac after the accident, lying motionless on the ground, incredibly the 32-year-old suffered only minor injuries.

“I can’t remember anything about the accident,” Mr Tokac said. “I thought I was asleep. But when I woke up, I was not in my bed. I was on the ground.”

Mr Tokac, who plans to marry in April, said Feb 25 is his new birthday.

“Life is really beautiful,” he said.

IP CCTV Video Clips in High Quality Player by SmugMug

Friday, August 29th, 2008

At use-IP we are very keen that you should have the opportunity to be able to appreciate product performance before you have to make your purchase decision.

We realise that we are in the vanguard of IP CCTV and megapixel security cameras, we have a point to prove and we’ll do all we can to demonstrate it to you. Megapixel IP cameras ARE the future of CCTV.

We see some great high-definition video clips from megapixel cameras, but not everybody browsing our website is going to be keen to download the manufacturer’s player software onto their PC and run their own demo with the footage provided.

So, we’re pleased to announce that we have found a high-quality video clip player that does a really good job of delivering that compromise between performance, image quality and patience. Please realise that nothing that we can easily host online and present to you on your own PC via the web will be quite as good as using the manufacturer’s player locally. Most online video services, such as YouTube, Flickr, Google Video, just do not even come close.

use-IP have set up a SmugMug Pro Account to showcase our video clips. SmugMug is probably THE preferred online photo album showcase for professional photographers – they care about quality of image, and quality of service.

We’re really pleased with the initial playback performance results that we are seeing. The video images that you will see played back from our SmugMug Pro account are probably the best comparison playback clips for CCTV performance that you’ll find anywhere on the web!!

As we said above, they are a slight compromise to video delivery performance – they will take a little time to download and play, but you would probably not be willing to wait for the full file sizes which we uploaded.

You’ll be interested to learn that SmugMug use H.264 video compresssion to achieve this web playback performance.

You can adjust some playback settings and choose what size you want to view the clip at.

One great feature that’s built-in for the pro photographers, but we spotted and loved straight away is the ‘Smugloupe’ – if you switch your view of our album to ‘Critique’ – using the dropdown at the top RHS of the page. The clip preview images will be presented one at a time, above the preview you’ll see a tick box for the smugloupe; tick this and you will have a 4.5X magnifying glass that you can move around the image with to checkout a better idea of the available resolution in the image.

We have opened our SmugMug album with video clips from the ACTi ACM-1231, we will of course add further clips from other cameras in due course (but if we’re entirely honest it was the need to show to all of you the fantastic footage achieved from this camera that spurred us on to find this solution!).

Without further ado, you can visit the product page in our web shop to see how we’ll be featuring these video clips:

ACTi ACM-1231

As always, we look forward to your comments and feedback:

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