Updating our rayTEC Offer

I recently updated our rayTEC offer to include all the current available models! This involved a lot of work and a lot was learnt. 🙂

rayTEC designs illuminators to assist CCTV systems and improve captured images.

The first thing I did was check which models were current and which were End of Life. (It turned out that a lot of what we were offering was no longer available and I had a lot of new product pages to build.)

Before I started creating product pages for the range I decided to look at the literature offered by rayTEC so I could get to grips with which illuminators were from which families and figure out the best way to organise rayTEC

rayTEC offer Infra-Red, White Light and Hybrid illuminators along with a range of lenses and brackets. I learnt that the illuminators are split into families based upon their IP/POE capabilities and intended application:


– No IP or POE capabilities.


– POE capabilities


– IP and POE capabilities


– No IP or PoE capabilities. Adaptive illumination


– ANPR Lighting


– Ultra long range. Adaptive illumination


– For PTZs, 180° coverage

Illuminators that are part of the VARIO 2 IP POE, VARIO 2 POE and VARIO 2 family all have interchangeable lenses available to change the angle of light provided. (Check our Frequently Bought Together Section to see every available lens option for each model). These illuminators are aimed more at domestic systems.

Furthermore, the VARIO 2 IP POE family can be powered by a mains power supply or by PoE (power budget changes between each model, check FBT for recommended) and offers smart, programmable lighting via web interface.

The VARIO 2 POE family can only be powered by PoE and the VARIO 2 family can only be powered by mains power supply.

The more advanced families are for larger systems where long range illuminators may be necessary. Some families have a very specific purpose: PULSESTAR is designed specifically to produce pulse lighting for number plate capture, PANORAMIC is designed to provide 180° (360° with two units) illumination for systems with PTZs or panoramic cameras. These illuminators need more power, power supply recommendations are in the FBT section.

We’ve tried to include as much information as possible on each product page. You should find the family name, literature, recommended items, an informative video and our other recommended illuminators along with a short description of what the illuminator can do!

If you need help selecting an illuminator for your system then please get in touch.

Keoni Granger 🙂


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