Vandal Resistant CCTV cameras not Vandal Proof

Vandal resistant CCTV we can deliver.

Vandal proof is just a promise too far – no sensible CCTV manufacturer or installer would ever offer “vandal-proof” products.

There is no end to the amount of force that might potentially be used.

Some manufacturers will state their claim e.g. “proven to withstand a blow from a 10lb sledge hammer”.

I recall, when vandal-resistant dome cameras first became available (some years ago) one manufacturer had a rig on their exhibition stand that allowed you to lift and drop a hinged sledge hammer repeatedly onto their dome camera’s bubble!

Another manufacturer (or was it the same manufacturer?) made a video of a truck driving over their camera to show that it could survive this extreme treatment.

However, I once attended a client’s site after a vandal had struck a camera mounted to the ceiling of a subway with a five foot concrete fence post – it did not survive that!

The ultimate in this particular game is “ballistically tested” – as you can see from above, nobody will ever claim that they have manufactured a bullet-proof camera!

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