Virgin Broadband; Faster and Cheaper Future

Virgin Media are reducing the price of their 50Mbps service to just £28 per month from September 1st (if you also take a Virgin phone line).

This price/performance milestone is a significant step along the road to one big happy high performance inter-network.

As IP camera specialists we can see – “Any picture, from any place, and any time …” – and these performance boosts continue to make it an improving experience!

Virgin have also announced trials of 10Mbps uplinks – bearing in mind that it is the uplink speed of your camera (out there somewhere on the internet) that is often the performance limiting factor, then this too bodes well for future performance.

They have also begun trials of 200Mbps internet download speeds!

Not so long ago, in a land consisting of many peer-to-peer networks, 10Mbps was the fastest that you could connect to a machine six feet away …

Virgin claims that at 50Mbps you’ll be able to download a music track in just one second!

PC Pro announce Virgin 50Mbps price drop.

Think Broadband announce Virgin 50Mbps price drop.

Virgin’s 50Meg offer.

PC Pro on Virgin’s 200Mbps trials.

You need to wait just two more weeks …

Unless anybody can tell us all where to sign up sooner?


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