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    Android app

    Hi, Here is CC from Milesight. Could you provide below details for me to locate the issue? 1. What's the camera model and current firmware? 2. How do you add the camera to the APP? IP or Domian? Or do you use NVR? 3. If possible, could you provide the adding details to me to test locally? That...
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    New Milesight Camera (v4x.7.0.70) and NVR (v7x.9.0.4) Firmware - Introducing 'Plug-in Free' Access for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc...

    Hi, Here is CC from Milesight. 1. For the ps video format, the reason why we change to this is it helps to improve the system stability a lot. We knew this brings much inconvenience to you and other customers, but we are finding a better solution for this. For example, we are developing our own...
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    Web Server Died & RTSP Server Died

    Hi, Here is CC from Milesight. Just because we never met this situation like yours before, so I can't sure that what cause it. Is it possible for you to arrrange Teamviewer?
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    FTP Settings with latest firmware

    Hi, So sorry for late reply. I checked again and seems like the Synology can't share the sub folder like you said, so that our camera can't reach the folder Milesight directly. That's the Synology issue, I'm afraid if you want to use Synology FTP, you need to create root folder manually for...
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    FTP Settings with latest firmware

    We do test with Synology NAS locally and it works. Maybe I need to check with our test team again. But our national holiday is coming, from 5.1 to 5.4, so I'm afraid you have to wait until then. Or if it is urgent, maybe you can downgrade your camera to below version to make it worked. And I...
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    FTP Settings with latest firmware

    It's better to connect your PC and then I can check the details of your FTP settings such as network settings of camera, etc. Could you plz install Teamviewer? You can download here https://goo.gl/o9Dwb7
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    FTP Settings with latest firmware

    Hi, here is CC from Milesight. Could we arrange Teamviewer to check? Seems like something went wrong and it's better for us to check directly. Plz let me know your Teamviewer account information including account and password if you set it up and I will connect then. Thank you.