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    Firmware Latest HikVision Firmware for I-Series NVRs - V4.40.010 build200430

    Looks like this new firmware is only in the uk portal available. http://www.hikvisioneurope.com/portal/?dir=portal/Technical%20Materials/02%20%20NVR/00%20%20Product%20Firmware/04%20I-series/%5B76%2077%2096%20NI-I%5D The new firmware is there not. Thats always interessting ^^
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    I heard about some new fresh products for 2020

    Hi, i got some insider news, that Hikvision will bring a low budet Thermal Series for 20-70m detection. And some new cameras with 180° FOV (Maybe bullet?) Iam in Januar in Dubai (InterSec), and i hope Hikvision is showing some nice new products ^^ What you think about it? ^^
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    DS-7716NI-K4 / 16P NVR - Live View Issue after V4 firmware update

    Reset the camera maybe to fix the problem?
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    NVR resetting itself

    So, your cameras are not directly connected to the PoE Ports from the recorder? U use a external PoE Switch? Did u you ready LAN Cable, or did you patch yourself?
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    Multiple Remote Screens

    The Computer seems strong enough for the IVMS Software. I never used the Lite Software, only the full 4200! Are the computers LAN connectet or over WLAN?
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    NVR resetting itself

    The reboot problem i had 2 times. The problem was the power adapter from the cameras! It was like, that the 12V going to the DVR BNC Port over the HDTVI Camera. But maybe your NVR has a damage, because some voltage is running into the LAN Port.
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    Mounting camera to look down passageway

    Hi, the cameras is weatherproof so no worry. You only need so safe the cables and wires in a weatherproof box! When you install the camera, you can change the point of view before closing the glass cover over the camera lens. In Software from HikVision you can change the picture in 180° degree...
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    IP cameras on Hikvision Turbo HD 1.0 Hybrid DVR - should they show up with analog cameras in app?

    Iam using 7204/7208/7216 HUHI or HTHI DVRs. I know its Turbo 4.0, but all works fine in this combination with added IP Cameras. On an old F1 DVR, 4MP IP is not really working correctly! Maybe you can change the DVR to an 7204 HUHI K1 or 7204 HTHI K1. I think its the cheapest and fastest way to...
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    Please update your firmware to the latest available version

    Did anyone knows the changelog for DVR Recorders Firmware? V4.20.001 build 190430 - 2019-09-20 V4.21.000 build 190722 - 2019-09-20
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    What is the difference between 2 cameras?

    I didnt find anything about this camera model? Where did you get it?
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    improve Night Vision

    Is something reflecting the IR?
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    Tool for Infra Red Whited License Plate

    I know some cameras from motorola, but they cost something :D ok i will check this settings and test it.
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    Tool for Infra Red Whited License Plate

    Hi, the problem is on night vision (Infra Red) that the License Plate reflecting and that in complete white. Is there a video tool, to make some filters or tools to let see the license plate from recorded files?
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    Hikvision added to US "Entity List" blacklist preventing them from using US components

    i know this Blacklist BAN. But no problems with this in germany.
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    POE without NVR

    You can use full functions over IVMS 4200 Mac Edition. Its no mandatory to use a NVR for this. So then its no problem for your SSD :)