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    PoE management in a HiWatch NVR running V4 firmware?

    Hi, today i upgraded my HiWatch NVR to V4 version ... Everything is fine, everything is working. But there IS something like "PoE management", where i Can choose between "short cable" and "long cable". Im using 50m cat5e cable, and from default, IT IS set Up like short. And its working. What...
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    Continuous recording along with motion detection

    Hi Yesterday, in my work I saw, that nvr can record continuously with green "tics" or tags or whatever on timeline ( when something move). I found some topics on internet, but nothing (like video) about how to set it Up. Another queetion is, will This "marks" be visible in web browser or even...
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    Hikvision HiWatch firmware update

    I duno if its the same problem, but I found that some (for example mine) got 2 versions of same firmware. I own HWI-D120H-M and i must download firmware with IPCR prefix, not IPC ! So newest (in time of writing) firmware for me is not "IPC_E3_EN_STD_5.5.98_200420", but few folders backwards...
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    Hiwatch NVR "DS" naming & firmware update

    Whatnks for your reply. Is there some other site, where i can get really newest firmware ? Yesterday, i bought new camera, and it have newer firmware that is on E-Portal Thanks in advance
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    Hiwatch NVR "DS" naming & firmware update

    Hi I own hivision "hwn-4104mh-4p" with 2 IP cameras.. More or less, its working fine without any big issues. From september 2019 (buy day) it was showing "newest firmware installed".. no firmware for almost year ? No way... I was searching on internet and found hiwatch europe e-portal, where is...