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  1. Dan

    Loss of video in iVMS-4200

    It's interesting that you mention Malwarebytes as another forum user mentioned this in relation to live view not working in iVMS-4200 only a week or so ago: https://www.use-ip.co.uk/forum/threads/ivms-4200-live-view.4366/#post-15603
  2. Dan

    How many Line Crossings can you have ?

    What model of camera do you have? What Firmware versions are the NVR and camera running?
  3. Dan

    The camera does not support the function.

    Does this message appear when you try and access all the Smart Events or just some of the Smart Events? If its the latter which Events do you see the message come up? Are you using H.265+ compression? Can you reply with a photo/screenshot of the event error message
  4. Dan

    Hikvision Intercoms do not record on motion

    Hi @marcus.spcc I think @Phil thought this was a product we sell but unfortunately, we have never been hands-on with this specific product so won't be able to give much detailed advice. I wouldn't expect iVMS-4200 to be an issue, if you can add the device to the NVR and it lets you set a...
  5. Dan

    New HikVision User - Stuck on mobile app - Create Verification Code

    Using the hard reset button on the camera will factory default the device so it will appear inactive on SADP and require you to set a new password. Once you have reset and set a new password for the camera in SADP you will then want to do the basics and make sure the camera has its network...
  6. Dan

    Door camera selection?

    Hi, There is a higher megapixel 2563G0-I 6MP option but this model is from the lower spec EasyIP 2.0+ range and so we would still recommend the 2545 as it has more smart features, higher max. frame rate, and the 'powered by Darkfighter' tech for improved low light performance. IR reflection...
  7. Dan

    MacOS SADPTool decided to stop working on my Mac

    Hi @macman I don't think accessing from a Windows device is the issue, we have PCs and Macs in our office that we use all the time to access our office system and we haven't seen any issue like this before. The only other thing I can think to try would be to uninstall, install the older version...
  8. Dan

    MacOS iVMS-4200 missing Mac features?

    The Windows version of iVMS-4200 has recently received an update that brought a new GUI to the PC version and this may have introduced some menus & features that were not visible before in the old interface that the Mac version uses. We haven't tried adding to Hik-connect from iVMS before as we...
  9. Dan

    Hik-Connect Hikvision DVR can connect to Hik-Connect over same wifi network but not over internet.

    Yes, it is the same process Just replace any mention of 'IP camera' with 'DVR'
  10. Dan

    Couple of NVR setting questions; Enable Hik-connect Server Time Sync, and h.265+

    Hi @Sonic007 We got clarification from Hikvision support and Server Time Sync is exactly what we thought it was: "This feature can be enabled to synchronize the device’s time to the Hik-Connect server’s time. It’s just a method of time correction." So, it is just a method for those who don't...
  11. Dan

    Hik-Connect Hikvision DVR can connect to Hik-Connect over same wifi network but not over internet.

    Hi @MikeBennSA This is a similar issue to this other forum user, the key step you may be missing is setting up the Hik-connect web portal.
  12. Dan

    I Series NVR and PTZ smart tracking settings

    It is quite common for some camera-specific settings to not be accessible from within the NVRs settings, I assume you are a Mac user and don't have access to Internet Explorer because IE should still work and you should be able to see a picture when logged directly into the camera. If you don't...
  13. Dan

    IP camera and mount

    No, the only compatible wall bracket for the 2385G1 turret is the DS-1273ZJ-140 Wall Bracket We don't usually recommend turret cameras for porches as they are not designed for close-range recording, the turrets have 30m IR LEDs which can whiteout/overexpose objects that come very close to the...
  14. Dan

    Hikvision DS-7608NI-I2-8P and new Western Digital 8tb 7200 RPM with 256mb cache

    We recommend Western Digital Purple Surveillance HDDs and these are available in sizes from 1-10TB, the limits that you see on datasheets are based on the maximum size that was available when the datasheet was first published but all the NVRs will support the largest sizes currently available so...
  15. Dan

    New HikVision User - Stuck on mobile app - Create Verification Code

    If you are referring to the ADMIN password box in SADP then this is always the password of the device you are modifying, if this doesn't work then you will need to reset your password. (we will only perform the password reset if you purchased from us, if you didn't you will need to contact your...