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    Hik-Connect Critical alerts hik connect

    Thanks. Tried deleting the app and re installed. Unfortunately for me didn’t resolve it.
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    Hik-Connect Critical alerts hik connect

    I have an iPhone XS Max and since this update Hik-Connect o nly works on WiFi. If I try and use the app on 4g it starts to open and crashes a second a so in. Warning to other people, and my phones is on the latest software
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    HELP PLEASE, stop Hikvision ringing my iPhone

    What intercom system do you have? If it’s the version 2 system there is a software update for the indoor unit that when the indoor unit is answered it stops push ringing any linked phone. Go to the uk Hikvision portal and read all the software releases for the indoor units it’s one of them. Also...
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    DS-KV6113-WPE1 constantly rebooting

    Sorry edited my original post as I didn’t read that it was unstable, they don’t have a reset button like camera’s, so I hope someone can help. Is your unit a (B)? Look on the box. If I’m right you’ve put software on that runs differently has a different software structure so you probably cannot...
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    Which Hikvision NVR is best?

    I 100% agree get an “I” series. Then get the bug sell it all on ebay and buy more camera’s and a 16p NVR and then repeat and buy a 32 and even more cameras, gets addictive.
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    Latest HikVision Firmware for -I NVRs - new V4.21 (76XX, 77XX, 96XX NI-I)

    4.40.017 if you have ANPR setup with white and black lists it stopped working for me and I couldn’t resolve, also when you have alarm inputs set to report to Hik-Connect when triggered, they repeat themselves every 3 ish minutes even thought the alarm is gone until you reset the unit 50% of the...
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    7716NI-I4 (Non POE) Hik-connect offline after 4.40.016 software update

    What version are you running? 4.40.017 has some bugs for me on the inputs, once triggered by my gate if I have it enabled to Hik-Connect which I previously had, it send the message again and again ever few minutes until I reboot the unit, on 4.22.005 it didn’t but im not sure about trying to...
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    7716NI-I4 (Non POE) Hik-connect offline after 4.40.016 software update

    Same way did they do something their side?
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    Scuppered by a cobweb

    I use a blow torch. There is some spider spray you can buy from CCTV retails that apparently keeps them away, no idea how good it is
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    7716NI-I4 (Non POE) Hik-connect offline after 4.40.016 software update

    @lau110 i've solved it, see chat between myself and hik support today I went on the below link and clicked "chatbot" https://www.hikvision.com/my/support/faq/ hello upgraded my 7716NI-I4 non poe 2 months ago to 4.40.016 and hik connect is offline 2021-01-11 17:09:47 Dear customer, You can...
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    7716NI-I4 (Non POE) Hik-connect offline after 4.40.016 software update

    @lau110 not great is it, I've updated my post further in the last few minutes, I've spent today trying other units that are new in the box but running older software and they connect to Hik-connect no issue, I've also tried various software and resets. It's something to do with that software...
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    7716NI-I4 (Non POE) Hik-connect offline after 4.40.016 software update

    @lau110 yes I found that myself around midnight last night, excitedly tried it and it didn’t make any difference. Can I ask is yours a non POE model like mine, be interesting to know the exact model you have maybe it’s a very specific problem. @Phil I’ve updated my main post with this...
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    Hik-Connect HiK-connect off line what an idiot I am

    Phil thanks, appreciate any help, I've started a new thread as below with all the details in one place, i do try and help other users on here in this great community it would be great if anyone could help with this as there appears a few of us with the same problem. 7716NI-I4 (Non POE)...
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    7716NI-I4 (Non POE) Hik-connect offline after 4.40.016 software update

    Hello putting all the info in once thread as requested, I know a few others are having the same issue, not sure what broadband they have I have Sky out of interest. Had a 7716NI-I4 running software 4.22.005 perfect with everything working and Hik-connect online until updating to the latest...
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    ANPR issues when upgrading to the latest software

    Dan it worked thankyou