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    Milestone Add-ons

    Milestone has developed a range of add-on software products for users to increase functionality and create a complete surveillance solution. As the title suggests these add-on products are to be installed alongside existing Milestone VMS products and cannot be used as standalone products...
  2. Gilly

    Hikvision Easy IP 4.0 vs Easy IP 3.0 vs Easy IP 2.0+. What is the difference?

    We often receive calls from customers who are unsure of which range of Hikvision cameras’ are best suited for their system. With so many different options out there it can be hard to narrow down and select just one. In order to choose your system wisely you need to know the differences between...
  3. Gilly

    What is Milestone Care and why is it important?

    Many feel that Milestone Care is an unnecessary added cost; in this post I am going to explain what Care is and why it is beneficial for you and your system. What is Milestone Care? Milestone Care is a complete service and support program that takes care of your product throughout its...
  4. Gilly

    An Introduction to Milestone XProtect

    Milestone XProtect is video management software that is powerful and easy to use with a wide range of features for basic to advanced surveillance requirements. Selecting which XProtect software is most suitable for your needs can be difficult due to the many options that you have. Before...
  5. Gilly

    Hikvision Core Technologies

    With new and improved technologies being introduced it can often cause confusion for the users when it comes to selecting the camera/s that best suit their needs. In this post I am breaking down the technologies and explaining them in further detail. Hikvision have many employees in R&D and so...
  6. Gilly

    Milestone End of Life Products

    This forum post contains links to the replacements for Milestone software that has been discontinued. Replacement products aren't necessarily the exact same as their predecessor so please check the specs of the recommended product before purchasing. If you need any help with finding the...
  7. Gilly

    Axis End of Life Products

    Axis have been a use-IP partner since our beginning in 2008. During this time there have been many new products released, replacing older models. In this post we have listed all Axis products that have been discontinued with their recommended replacement (if there is one). Please check specs of...
  8. Gilly

    Mobotix End of Life Products

    In this forum post we have listed discontinued Mobotix products and linked their replacements. It is worth noting there is often differences between a discontinued product and its replacement so it is best to check the specs and make sure it meets your requirements before purchase. Some products...
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    ACTi End Of Life Products

    use-IP Ltd have been selling ACTi products since 2008 and in this time there have been many product and product line changes. With over a 100 current ACTi products on our website and just as many discontinued ACTi models it can be hard to keep track of what is what. In this post all end of life...