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    Network access

    Hi there, Have you tried http://www.noip.com/ to track your ip and set to a static host name?
  2. Harri Whipp

    HikVision IP Cameras with External Microphone's using PSU's.

    Recently in the office we have been getting a flood of emails/questions regarding the use of external microphones with HikVision models with the abbreviation 'S' at the end of the model number. We are looking to stock the best microphone and will soon add them to our webshop. Yesterday we...
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    Did the product not come with a user guide?
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    When first setting up the username should be admin and password leave (blank) You should be then prompted to assign your own password.
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    How-to: How to update HikVision DS-2CDxxx IP cameras

    The document attached will show you how to update to the latest firmware on HikVision models: DS-2CD20xx DS-2CD23xx DS-2CD24xx DS-2CD27xx If you need any more help or information please email me: harri@use-ip.co.uk Harri use-IP technical assistant
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    Y-cam cube HD 1080 settings problem

    Hi Willy No worries at all. Many manufactures struggle with IE constant updates. We use chrome to test all our cameras in the office as it seems to be the most stable browser. Best regards, Harri
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    How-to: HikVision iVMS 4200: How to set up continuous recording

    We have had many queries on how to do this recently, so we have put together a PDF document that should help. Any more assistance needed please comment on this post. Many thanks, Harri Use-ip technical assistant
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    Y-cam cube HD 1080 settings problem

    IE 11 has caused a lot of issues for Y-Cam users. Firstly make sure that all plugins are up to date. Now put your web browser in compatibility mode. In IE go Tools > Compatibility View Settings > Add. The page should refresh and you should be able to set up MD. Best regards, Harri...
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    New CCTV System - newbie advice needed

    Hi Padraig, Thanks for the post. You seem to have a good understand of the IP cctv systems so i won't bore you with re-explaining anything. From what i can see i would say that a HikVision 3mp dome camera system would suit your needs. These camera are great from price-point/performance...
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    Greeting from China

    Click on the user you wish to talk to and select 'start a conversation', or go onto the users profile and click the information tab and then click 'start a conversation'
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    How-to: HikVision iVMS-4500 : How to add NVR's and Cameras.

    We have had many questions from customers asking home to add an NVR or Camera to the HikVision mobile app. So we have put together a short PDF file explaining how to do so. Any more questions , don't hesitate to email or phone us. Many thanks, Harri
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    choosing CCTV software for home

    Hi David, Many home CCTV systems you can do yourself without to much trouble, all you need to know is a general idea about computers and networks and you are handy with a drill, screw driver and climbing ladders. Just a few questions, if you could answer them please: Do you already have...
  13. Harri Whipp

    What do you think is better for setting UP IP Camera surveillance!

    Cloud based recording is a good solution for many and having a quick look at the three you listed they all look good. Personally i would suggest a local NVR to make all recording as it has better sustainability, no lag, not likely to fail, easy expansions , usually no monthly cost, better...
  14. Harri Whipp

    db power va035k

    Hi there, Unfortunately as this isn't a camera that we stock we don't have any data sheets on it but with most of the cameras that we stock the jack is 2.1 or 2.8. I would also check to see if this camera uses POE (Power over ethernet), is so then all you would need is a single cat 5 network...
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    eyespy247 ext+ setup problems

    Hi Marc sorry for the late reply we have been very very busy in the office the last week and have been slowly getting through posts in the forum. Unfortunately i'm finding it hard to understand what your issue is here? But from what i can gather i would suggest resting the camera to factory...