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  • Hi there I am lookins for someone to help set up my network and software I tried some people here in South Africa but we are struggling are you able to recommend someeone to help me via Teamviewer?
    Hi Clive, you'd need to first upload the image to an image-hosting site (imgur.com is popular) and then use that link when posting an image
    hi kirean,my nvr was showing all the 8 cameras though recently one is showing no resource and the customer wants to see all. what do i do? modelDS-7608-SE/P
    hi kieran, can i ask your help ... i have problem about how to divide the recording files every 10 minutes?
    i have HIKvision DS-2CD2120F-I(W)(S)
    Hi Dan, if it's a new thread you want to start, go to the relevant forum and click "Post New Thread", or you can reply in an existing one.
    Hi Kieran, just joined up and probably being really dumb but how do I create a a question in a relevant forum?
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