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    Indoor station DS-kh9510-wte1 - Slow playback

    @RealMode where are your event videos recorded? Are you talking about recordings on your NVR or on SD cards? Are you even able to capture event recordings from your door camera?
  2. macman

    Looking for recommendations for a domestic CCTV system.

    I smelled a rat but the cat got him.
  3. macman

    DS-KD8002 - Pin Codes (Access control) and second door opener

    Not sure how relevant this is but the HikCentral manual describes how to add a person and then assign controls and authorisations to them for different doors.
  4. macman

    Indoor monitor device not staying connected to Server

    You might want to try upgrading the firmware to v2.1.2_build191014.
  5. macman

    Trump delivers another blow to Hikvision

    Trump bans investment in Hikvision, other companies with military links
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    Hik-Connect Using Chromecast with Google TV to Live view Hik-Connect on your TV

    If you have a set-top box (eg Nvidia Shield) connected to your TV, you can get the same result by side loading Hik-Connect onto it - without using Chromecast. Smart Android TVs may even be able to side load Hik-Connect directly onto the TV.
  7. macman

    MacOS Hikvision Advice with OSX

    For clarification, my experience is based on cameras which connect directly to my LAN via POE switches, ie without using any NVR. Recordings are saved only on the cameras' SD cards and downloaded to my HD if I want to archive any. Whether an NVR-based system works better with MacOs, I don't know...
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    MacOS Hikvision Advice with OSX

    The problem we face is setting up and configuring Hikvision (probably all) IP cameras in MacOs - either in Hikvision's iVMS-4200 client software or in a web browser as the required web plugin is pretty much outlawed (across all platforms), albeit Internet Explorer in Windows still works. So if...
  9. macman

    Putting together a Hikvision IP video intercom solution?

    Aesthetically, flush-mounted 8003 is infinitely superior to any other option if you care what your entrance looks like. But totally useless if you were hoping to record video of your visitors.
  10. macman

    Recording file format solution

    Handbrake is the best and the cheapest (free) video converter.
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    Looking for recommendations for a domestic CCTV system.

    Having started myself from scratch a year ago, it is a bit of a minefield; but if efficient protection is what you want then definitely chose an ethernet wired system such as Hikvision. But I would counsel against putting the kit together yourself. Much better to give Phil or Dan a call at IP...
  12. macman

    A simple way to download a video clip in a standard format?

    That's above my pay grade unfortunately: maybe someone else can help. FWIW, I'm not using the latest version of Handbrake so you might try downloading v1.2.2 from HandBrake: Nightly Builds which is the one working fine on my Hikvision MPEG-4 files, albeit in MacOs.
  13. macman

    A simple way to download a video clip in a standard format?

    @busterboy, that's ugly but it's not a message I have ever encountered. How are you loading the Hik file? I simply drag and drop mine onto Handbrake's open window and they have never once failed to load - albeit mine are short event videos downloaded from iVMS' Playback window. Might be some...
  14. macman

    A simple way to download a video clip in a standard format?

    All the clips I download via iVMS-4200 are annoyingly non-standard (annoying because anyone with half a clue can convert them to a standard format and then, if so inclined, doctor them) and so I convert them all manually using the indispensable free video utility, Handbrake. (It should be...
  15. macman

    Camera choices

    Hikvision cameras work fine without an NVR, ie recording to an SD card. I have 8 connected to my iMac and have had zero issues, albeit I have only been recording events. If you want to record continuously, an SD card will fill up more quickly and then start overwriting. But the problem with...