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    Bosch DIVAR series NVR - Remote Access

    I am totally baffled by this despite Bosch sending me a couple of emails. I have an install using a Divar 2000 with 6x Bosch 6000i Starlights. The NVR is connected to the clients router but I'm NOT permitted to use port forwarding. Bosch tell me remote access is possible if I use 'Video...
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    360 Predator

    Hi, I'm a newby so excuse the schoolboy errors. Ok I have a Hik 104-A/4P NVR with a 360 Vision Pred Hybred hooked up. I'm running it IP, 1080p, h264, 2013mbps and onvif through the nvr. I can see the image fine via local network or Connect app if on same network....but you guessed it, nothing...