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    Strange FTP phenomena

  2. RogerJP

    Strange FTP phenomena

    Having seen post Firmware - Latest HikVision Firmware for G3 Series cameras (2xx6G2/2xx1G2/2xx6G0/2xx7G2) - V5.5.134 I am prompted to write of an anomaly with one of two ostensibly identical DS-2CD2383G0-I cameras. The anomaly has existed since day 1 (about 18 months of use, identified about a...
  3. RogerJP

    Observing the night sky

    Just to add a bit more flesh to this for any interested party, the Watec 933IP seems to tick most of the boxes I'm after, with my hoped-for long exposure satisfied by a combination of much faster sensor and where appropriate stacking frames together in software after capture - something that...
  4. RogerJP

    Observing the night sky

    Thanks Phil I have perused his site. However, nothing particularly obvious there. I did note that the chap who is "head honcho" of that lot is Markku Sarimaa and I may seek him out if my other avenues close off. It is looking increasingly likely that I will end up with an astro camera linked...
  5. RogerJP

    CCTV System with an Alarm Relay Out

    Couple of questions for you to ask yourself... Do you want the camera to open your gate on alarm automatically? If so, as soon as it rains the gate will be opening and closing like a toilet door at a party. If it were me I'd get a camera for the best image, zoning, alarm reporting/capture etc...
  6. RogerJP

    Jovision NVR Keeps Freezing

    Are you streaming to disc continuously or only "alarm" issues? If the latter, does it freeze more often after/during rain storms when (presumably) lots and lots of false alarms prevail?
  7. RogerJP

    Installing external siren

    1) What I would do is get a siren or two on a separate mains spur which plugs in to a convenient socket or ring - and control that via a smart switch using Jinvoo or similar. Completely separate from everything else, ans with independent control only from your App.The main risk of this approach...
  8. RogerJP

    How to adjust cameras by one person

    On my one or two remote cameras I have been known on occasions to connect them temporarily direct to my laptop (these of course are not PoE cameras).
  9. RogerJP

    First timer seeking advice.

    For future reference, it is best for several reasons to only plug one new camera in and configure it, giving it a unique IP address. Once added and running, then do the next etc. Plugging more than 1 unconfigured camera in will at the very least give you IP conflicts.
  10. RogerJP

    Observing the night sky

    I am after a set-up looking to the zenith, either on a pole or roof apex, that will allow me to do one or more of several things - and this may well mean a plurality of cameras co-located and also possibly a sun shield: First and foremost, meteor detections at night. Ideally this will have...
  11. RogerJP

    Ban of Dahua and Hikvision Is Now US Government Law

    Thanks - my mind is at rest then and I will select the spider-free 8mP!
  12. RogerJP

    Roger signing in from rural Essex

    Thanks Phil. Other than the uncertainty over this Hikvision "Trumping", I have decided on a couple of the turret 8M for the East face of the property, but have yet to determine focal length. One quick question: can lenses be swapped later on? If I devise a panning arrangement in a year or two -...
  13. RogerJP

    Ban of Dahua and Hikvision Is Now US Government Law

    I remember about 4 years ago Foscam cameras had undocumented back doors that could not be disabled for a while, but vigilant users discovered their cameras phoning home despite all the user-selectable remote options having been switched off. This went viral over their own forums. They pretty...
  14. RogerJP

    NVR or NAS?

    Thanks Phil. I don't (yet!!) do continuous recording over IP (a few do to SD and that I propose to extend to the new cameras) - and a switch with a few PoE holes will certainly save a few bob - and I can always change at a later date. Will seek out a switch. Expect an order for a handful of 8MP...
  15. RogerJP

    Roger signing in from rural Essex

    Hi all. I have a fair bit of experience of setting up and evaluating IP-based cameras, primarily from ~2008 to 2015, but one or two more recently. Am about to purchase a handful of modern and more up-market cameras than my earlier acquisitions ~(although at the time they were state-of-the-art)...