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    Hikvision camera advice

    Be careful with the LED lighting as this could cause big white out areas appearing on your cameras feed. Best bet would be to install the cameras first and see how they perform (as they will have built in Night LEDS anyway) and then change things as necessary.
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    Is a PoE injector useless for my setup?

    Can you not just have a cable from the NVR to the camera? The NVR will be providing POE so just one cable to the camera. As long as under 100 metres length from NVR to camera.
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    Finding out the IP address of unbranded cameras

    Advanced IP Scanner will show you IP's of everything on your network... https://www.advanced-ip-scanner.com/
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    HIKVISION Cameras being turned off ?

    Just out of interest, are all your cameras and NVR set to the correct date and time?
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    Hik-Connect Hik-Connect Failed to Search the Video

    Happens to me too. Although not all the time. This morning for example all my notifications I've been able to watch fine.
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    HIKVISION Cameras being turned off ?

    Does this still happen if you connect the affected camera to another port on the NVR?
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    How important is CCTV security and hacking to you?

    I’ve found by using an Ubiquiti Edge Router I can use that to create seperate networks on different ports and setup rules so they can’t see each other. There is a good guide I followed which helps configure it. It’s not straight forward and requires time but is quite effective for distancing...
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    What App(s) are people using?

    Hik-Connect Really easy to use. Only issue I have found with it on the iPhone is that the badge notificiations dont seem to clear. The notifications number just keep mounting up.
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    Firmware Update Failed on my Hikvision DS-2CD2045FWD-I camera?

    Thanks Phil. Turned out Internet Explorer wasn’t having it. Tried it in Firefox and the upgrade went through fine.
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    Firmware Update Failed on my Hikvision DS-2CD2045FWD-I camera?

    Never had this issue before but also I'm very tired so may be doing this worng tonight.... Trying to upgrade the firmware on a DS-2CD2045FWD-I. Ive tried various firmware dav files and once you click to upgrade, it says in red underneath, Firmware update failed. So it doesnt do anything...
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    Hik-Connect Notifications of smart events to HikConnect app

    Have you tried turning smart events off, rebooting and then turning smart events back on again.
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    Correct firmware for my Hikvision 7608NI-K2/8P NVR and 2CD2385G1-I cameras?

    Or just save firmware to your PC, login to the NVR via your browser and do it there.
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    Can distributors see through customers cctv?

    Surely they would need to know the cameras activation codes and also verification codes and you'd hope the customer has changed these?
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    Is this a camera?

    This is a solar powered animal deterant. To get rid of vermine and squirrels, etc. It has a built in PIR to go off when a cat walks by for example. It emits a high pitched frequency only the animals can hear. See a similar one here:
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    Can someone identify this CCTV camera?

    Looks like it is a 2mp camera and the 110 degree angle makes me presume it is 2.8mm which means it will be quite a wide angle but with less detail the further away you go. Unless you were within about a metre of the camera I cant imagine it being able to pick up sound in another garden. With a...