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  1. Phil

    Latest firmware for Hikvision -K (B) NVRs

    Sorry, no updates available (no news has reached us)
  2. Phil

    How to set up Hikvision ANPR

    You can configure the camera to compare plates to a whitelist, and if it matches close an output (on the camera). You'll need a memory card installed, if you use a camera only. An NVR can achieve the same, provided you select a model that has alarm I/O.
  3. Phil


    I have raised the issue with Hikvision. Currently they do not have an inclined mounting box to fit the 25XX model flat-domes. We are waiting for an update and further feedback from them.
  4. Phil

    HikVision PoE Switch G1 G2 Port not work

    It should be quite simple to test those ports versus other ports, and if they do not work then I would recommend that you speak to your supplier and arrange return/replacement.
  5. Phil

    HikVision EasyIP 4.0 launch announced today!

    On Tuesday morning I was told:
  6. Phil

    Latest firmware for Hikvision -K (B) NVRs

    HikVision NVRs - should I purchase a -I or a -K suffix NVR?
  7. Phil

    Hik Connect different to NVR playback

    Sorry, still not an NVR model that we sell or are familiar with :( If you crack it with the help of Hikvision Tech Support please do come back and share the answer, Thanks.
  8. Phil

    Hik Connect different to NVR playback

    Sorry, what model NVR are you using?
  9. Phil


    Ah, @Dan here has pointed out my error, sorry. I grabbed a Hikvision flat-dome that was laying around in the office for the last photo that I uploaded. He has pointed-out to me that the latest flat domes e.g. 2555/2563 now use IR LEDs that are no longer within the camera/lens dome bubble. They...
  10. Phil

    Hik Connect different to NVR playback

    Sorry, I've not seen this symptom before. We've never sold HiWatch/HiLook, so others may be more experienced / more able to help you. Is your internet uplink speed at the NVR site OK? Is it the same if you use the App locally (via wi-fi) on the same site/LAN? iPhone or Android?
  11. Phil

    Milesight ANPR Cameras - Coming Soon

    Hi, The Milesight ANPR cameras are available now, but they have no systems ready to manage the ANPR data from the cameras yet - i.e. no NVR compatibility, nor software, to process number plates. I learned yesterday that Hikvision UK do not plan to bring EasyIP 4.0 to the UK!! Two thousand posts...
  12. Phil

    Plugin-free web UI

    Still waiting I'm afraid. They are fresh back from their Chinese New Year holidays, we are hoping for updates soon.
  13. Phil

    Two thousand posts - onwards & upwards!

    This is my 2,000th post at our Forum; it took ten years to reach my 1,000th post, the second thousand took 2 days short of 11 months! Yes, it’s getting busy round here. Here’s a very quick ‘state of the union’ summary: Six weeks into 2019 and it’s still all about Hikvision. Nobody could ever...
  14. Phil


    Your camera is horizontal. Inverted in comparison to the photo that I uploaded, but horizontal/flat under your soffit. If you test mount it vertically (just so that all of your IR LEDs are in-play and able to get their light out through the dome bubble) you will see a difference in night-time...
  15. Phil


    Can you hear sound when you Live view the camera?
  16. Phil


    Have you enabled sound in the App? I think there's a small speaker icon you need to click on. And turn your phone's volume up fully.
  17. Phil


    If you end-up with an installation configuration / mounting position where you are looking virtually horizontally through the dome, then you end-up with some of the IR LEDs being directed internally into the camera's insides: (which causes the effect you are seeing) This is known as internal...
  18. Phil

    Attention. The channel does not exist. OK

    Thanks for this really useful feedback - I never came close to imagining the cause was the TV's remote control :oops: [Every day is a school day!]
  19. Phil

    Browser based PTZ control

    Yep, asking too much ;) Most solutions are still reliant upon you using Internet Explorer (sad, but true) - you can use the IEtab extension to Chrome. You can't continuously backup / backup all to the Cloud (too much data from high-res CCTV). I'd suggest an NVR at site. Record and manage your...
  20. Phil

    Best Practice Regarding Incorrect Date and Time on Sibell IP Camera

    I'm not familiar with Sibell, its probably best to contact them or your reseller. Normally the cameras would pick up their date & time from the NVR. The NVR would be set to sync with an NTP server.