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    Milesight Feature Wish List

    Fixed focus to read licence plate day and night sometimes when there is a tree the camera focus on the tree and the road is blurred , with fixed focus settings no problems :) BICK
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    Cameras automatically gets out of focus

    Can you send us a picture of the problem (image good and not good ) I have this camera and no problem at all. BICK
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    LPR with Milesight cameras

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    Milesight Feature Wish List

    For camera with motorized zoom lens the possibility to have a fixed focus for day and fixed focus for night for day to have a wide area and for night a zoomed area for exemple
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    Found the api command for ptz control :) For example : http://login: password@IPADRESS/vb.htm?ipncptz=gotopreset=2 2= number of the preset you want to go to :) BICK
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    HikVision's 'new global strategy' #NoHikeyNoLikey

    Yes try to go with dahuas products BICK
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    HikVision's 'new global strategy' #NoHikeyNoLikey

    It is a shame ! This is their way of thanking end-users who advertise on youtube and test their products ...?? BICK
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    HikVision EasyIP 3.0 Cameras

    And now i wish you a nice week end with smile and love :) BICK
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    [SOLVED] Live View and Playback Failed with Safari Browser

    I had the same problem with IE browser , i have selected UDP on 2 camera after a black screen on Main Stream mode 3mp , with the second Stream there is no problems ... My NVR (synology ) was unable to see the mainstream during this problem (not only on IE) Very strange BICK