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    Why do I always get this error on iVMS when trying to share clips?

    Strange thing is I have only started to get this error since recording to a NVR ....before I used to record to NAS and I never used to this on my iOS devices? Thx
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    Does your NVR Fan(s) stay on after you have shutdown?

    Hi all, So I have been playing with my 7732 NVR today and have updated to the latest FW. Something odd I have noticed. I done a 'shutdown' - but the fans stay on? ...is this normal? Thanks
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    Can someone direct me to the correct firmware please?

    Hi guys, So I just got my hands on a Hikvision NVR - ds-7732ni-i4 16p Please could someone confirm the exact folder I need to be downloading from. As you probably know it's so confusing Thanks
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    Something odd with one camera .....with recording to NAS

    Hi all, So I have 10 Hik Cameras recording to NAS ....all but one work, record and playback fine. So the most recent addition is a: DS-2CD2043G0-I ...Now I have set this one is exactly the same way ...but this one seems to be doing something odd. I have set it to record 'continuous' and I...
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    Stuttering on playback in the DS CAM App when using H.265

    Hi all, So I have always used H.264 ...but I thought I would try H.265. So I switched two of my cameras in Surveillance station to H.265 and I have noticed two things straightaway: 1) - When playing back recordings / clips in the DS Cam App ...I get stuttering on the playback. i.e. it's not...
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    Should I switch from a NAS to a NVR now??

    Hi all, So I currently have a 10 camera Hikvision system and I record to two NAS boxes. I have one NAS recording continuously and I also have Synology doing the recording on Motion detection only. The problem I now have is that I want to upgrade my cameras to 8mp 12 camera system. I also...