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  1. Phil

    Hikvision IP cam low resolution

    Step 1 - bring the NVR and cameras up to the latest available firmware release. Then, factory reset and re-add one of your cameras and check the results.
  2. Phil

    Hikvision DS-7216HGHI missing gaps in recording

    Have you checked the portals to make sure that you are running the latest firmware for the DVR and cameras? DOWNLOAD EU PORTAL HIKVISION UK PORTAL
  3. Phil

    Hikvision Fisheye 12 MP individual stream/ channel setup?

    Are you sure about that firmware on your camera? The latest I can see for that model is V5.4.5: DOWNLOAD EU PORTAL The latest firmware for your NVR is V4.22: HIKVISION UK PORTAL
  4. Phil

    Can you use an RJ45 Coupler with POE?

    No, it is fine to use a coupler. If it is outdoors, please make sure that you fully weatherproof the connection. Water ingress to the RJ45 connectors and corrosion of the sprung copper fingers within is still a big cause of camera failures.
  5. Phil

    Location of camera - Help

    Motion detection can be problematic - as any change in pixels in the scene/detection area may trigger it. It is therefore very hard to optimise it for all conditions. Many people switch to line crossing detection; simpler and more reliable. Enabling h.265+ does use up some of the camera's...
  6. Phil

    iVMS4500 for Android

    The Apps on your phone/tablet will have been set up to access the cameras at an IP address, rather than via Hik-Connect (is my guess).
  7. Phil

    Hikvision DS-7216HGHI missing gaps in recording

    Is the HDD OK - check in Configuration -> Storage to see whether it tests as OK. I'm assuming you can do that with a DVR. We only sell NVRs.
  8. Phil

    HikVision EasyIP 4.0 launch announced today!

    No Hikvision UK have decided not to offer that range of NVRs in the UK market.
  9. Phil

    iVMS4500 for Android

    It is very likely that you have just not configured Hik-Connect properly. You need an account at www.hik-connect.com Add your NVR to that Account. Install the Hik-Connect App on your mobile phone. Login to the App with the same credentials that you use for your account at www.hik-connect.com
  10. Phil

    Hikvision Fisheye 12 MP individual stream/ channel setup?

    Hi, What firmware version are you running on the camera and the NVR please?
  11. Phil

    New here, I have a few general questions about bigger systems

    My preferred route would be to use a software on a server solution such as Luxriot. And use capture cards to connect your existing analogue cameras. We have done this previously with casinos with high camera counts. Stand-alone encoders, to convert analogue to IP, are expensive. And eventually...
  12. Phil

    Is it possible to remotely configure the live view HDMI output for NVR?

    I would think you can do so via iVMS-4200: https://www.hikvision.com/ueditor/net/upload/2017-12-20/47c19b43-c594-4523-a379-4195391cd58f.pdf
  13. Phil

    Location of camera - Help

    A turret camera will be fine there. 2345 Dark Fighter 7604 NVR. 2TB HDD
  14. Phil

    Hikvision NVR and PoE switch

    That NVR model provides POE to your cameras. You can connect its LAN port to your router and then configure remote access; most people would use Hikvision's Hik-connect portal and App.
  15. Phil

    Latest HikVision Firmware [76 77 96 NI-I] V4.22.000 build190821

    I am told there are no Release Notes, as this is just a bug-fix release.
  16. Phil

    Update Firmware - IP Camera - DS-2CD2142FWD-I

    Try jumping to the very latest. If you encounter problems - try with the previous major version. i.e. if 5.5.5 does not work, try 5.4.5, etc.
  17. Phil

    Face detection

    You may be recalling features of the Deep In Mind NVRs:
  18. Phil

    Lack Authority - Kare CCTV

    Sorry, I don't think we can offer much help. I've never come across that brand. You never know though, somebody with some experience may drop-by ...
  19. Phil

    Hard Drive Type for DS-7616NI-I2 / 16P

    Yes, you can install a 10TB HDD
  20. Phil

    NVR Camera Port to Switch.